jeremy piven... epstein barr & mercury toxicity

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    it's seriously depressing to hear things like this.. this was from a celebrity website (perezhilton) about jeremy piven (actor on Entourage), who supposedly got SEVERLY ill from what he was told was mercury.. (and was laughed at for) but i guess later found out that he also had epstein barr... which i'm sure MANY of us can relate to.. and it's really disappointing to hear the way people think he's such a lunatic.. after all the scrutiny he's gotten I'm sure he blamed it on himself because he was so embarrassed about it.. just drives me crazy!

    Here's what was said: (ugh)

    Pivert was on the Late Show last night and he decided to be uncharacteristically candid about his fishy ordeal. He joked with David Letterman that he thinks mercury poisoning "sounds like a rich man's disease…sounds like something you might get from the leather seats in your Lamborghini, like a rash, like a rash that hurts."

    Funny, we kind of think of you that way. Like a painful rash, that won't go away!

    Along with the mercury poisoning, Jeremy explains that he was afflicted with Epstein-Barr (more commonly known as mono), which further worsened his condition. But like we said, the tool has found his funny bone, as when Dave asked him how he got both mercury poisoning and mono, he replied:

    "Just from being a coward."

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    but this is what happens to people who come forward in a situation like Mr. Piven's. he is ridiculed on late night TV and in smart a$$ blogs by third rate talents with a first rate ability to work new media.

    People in the entertainment industry lose everything very quickly if they cannot meet insurance industry spec.s. It's a capricious industry at the best of times. Where many of us are able to continue with our career, Mr. Piven must account for himself in a very public, uninformed and unforgiving arena.

    I'm not at all surprised that there is no-one willing to destroy their career, and their ability to get any of their projects green-lighted because of the insurance issues, for this cause. It's a huge sacrifice.

    I hope and pray he does not have ME.

    Peace out,

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