Jerica and her Crohn's Disease

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by razorqueen, Oct 23, 2006.

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    Well, I had to take Jerica to her GI last monday. She had had some barium tests done, and the one showed a narrowing in her terminal ileum (part of the small intestine).

    The medication she has been on since Jan hasn't done anything, so they put her back on Pred and put her on Imuran.

    Imuran is a drug that suppresses the immune system. She has to get weekly bloodtest for the first month as it can cause problems with the liver and pancreas, plus they have to keep an eye out on her white blood cell count.

    This med takes about 3month to start working and that is why she is back on the prednisone, temporarily even tho in MY opinion it didn't really help. If this doesn't work, that she mentioned surgery. This is quite something for someone whos disease has been considered very mild! With perfect bloodwork too.

    Jerica has not been feeling well at all, even worse with the new med, very nauseated and no appetite. She just started a new job a month ago, plus school and a boyfriend.

    At home she has to deal with a sick mother and a depressed father. What did she do to deserve all this? I know it is nothing. Stuff happens. I gotta be strong for both of us. Its a good thing I am getting some couseling!

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    Jeez.. Your daughter is beautiful and so young to be dealing with this. I have ulcerative colitis and have had to do the pred a few times to get the inflamation down. Imuran is used alot with lupus, as well as other auto-immune diseases and basically thats what she has is an auto-immune disease. Poor baby. Now I gotta tell you though Raz, I've had a few employees with Crohns and they lived pretty normal lives.. periodic flare ups but for the most part pretty normal. I'll keep Jerica in my prayers. By the way beautiful name.
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    i also have that crohns
    and have since i was 27 or so. i am now 53... i was on so much steriods at one time that the dr said if i didnt get diabetes then-
    i never would!
    i dont know how true that is-
    but both my parents have diabetes and i dont. thank goodness.
    the predisone dod cause me to have major bone problems now and pain
    and they told me way back then that it would happen but they didnt have the meds like they do now...
    i pray your precious daughter will be ok.
    now i seldom
    have relapses except for fistulas every few years.
    and blockages...
  4. razorqueen

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