Jesus Came to My House

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    Jesus Came to My House

    Jesus came to my house
    And He knocked upon my door.
    I knew He was the Son of God
    By the sweet, gentle, smile He wore.

    Yes, Jesus came to my house.
    He offered the salvation I desired.
    Then, the love I had forgotten
    Was returned by this man I admired.

    Jesus came to my house.
    His love filled me to the core.
    He blessed me with abundance
    And He's staying here, forever more.

    If He should knock upon your door,
    Don't hesitate to let Him in.
    For, since Jesus came to my house,
    I've been washed clean of all my sin.

    © 2002 by Claytia Doran
  2. CJ-Tex

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    So simple yet so beautiful.

    Praise the Lord!