Jesus Is Waiting

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    If every person in this world
    Would take the time to see
    The beauty that God created
    How amazing this would be.

    The sun in all its brightness
    He made to light the day
    The moon and all the countless stars
    At night to lead your way.

    The majesty of mountains
    The golden fields of grain
    The sweetness of a bird's song
    A rainbow after rain.

    The rustling of the leaves of trees
    The slightest breath of wind
    Are these just God's reminders
    Of the love He wants to send?

    So if you don't know Jesus
    But you want Him in your heart
    He doesn't want to lose you
    So you must do your part.

    He's always there and waiting
    He's listening for your voice
    He wants to be your Savior
    But He lets you make the choice.

    He only wants what's best for you
    And He wants you for His own
    To live with Him in glory
    To share His heavenly home.

    So when you feel a yearning
    For something more you need
    Jesus is holding out His hand
    Just reach for it, He'll lead.

    All sins will be forgiven
    And you can start anew
    If only you will just believe
    That Jesus died for you.

    That God His Holy Father
    Raised Him from the dead
    Now He lives and reigns in heaven
    Just as the scriptures said.

    Your life will be completely changed
    When you are born anew
    Because you have His promise
    That He'll come back for you.

    This life on earth is nothing
    Compared to what's in store
    You can't begin to comprehend
    What God planned long before.

    No more tears or pain or sorrow
    Will you ever have to face
    When at last you make it home
    To dwell in God's own grace.

    You'll meet your Savior face to face
    And kneel before His throne
    To worship Him forever
    In your everlasting home.

    Emily McAdams
    ┬ęCopyright Oct. 2001