JESUS saved us tonight

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    Thought I'd share what our LORD GOD JESUS did tonight.

    long story short-our power went out due to storm.
    husband must of turned stove top burner on while reaching behind fridge to plug in generator plug-in.

    someone had left a washcloth (WHY)?? on that burner.

    when husband plugged fridge to generator ,he set big empty glass cookie jar on that same burner.

    time for bed we turned everything off and we went to bed .

    1.5 hrs later we hear our 14 yr daughter faintly saying fire fire fire husband ran down stairs, power came on burner had caught the washcloth on fire and was hot and cookie jar blew up, flames were high enough to touch light/fan above stove top.

    daughter doesn't know how, why she ended up in kitchen saying fire. i know why


    BLKKAT ====thought I'd share.
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    That is definitely a PRAISE GOD!!!!! How awesome! Isn't it amazing how God watches over us even in our sleep and how your daughter does not know how she got down there or anything, but God used her? When we pray at night for God to watch over us and keep us safe, He hears those prayers and that was a def. GOD THING!

    Hugs in Christ,
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    What a wonderful story. It is true that God watches over us all the time. I am so glad that none of you were hurt and that your daughter woke up in time so that no one was hurt.

    God is so good.

    Gentle Hugs,

  4. blkkat

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    yes were still thanking GOD.
    my husband just poured a big pan of water on it.

    it wasn't from grease, never use water on a grease fires it will just make it worse.

    if you don't have a fire extinguisher use flour.


    ps --poor child had a very hard night, bad dreams about the house being on fire and she said everyone died in it but her. even the animals.

    please pray for her, that the dreams go away, shes 14 years old her name is Shelby.

  5. Isaiah43

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    Isn't wonderful that God Never Slumbers!!! fanstastic storry of protection!!!!!
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    ==========bad dreams-daughter of fire===========
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    thank you everyone for the prayers for my daughter. maybe its what you said the stress from the fire , well im sure it is. she still had another one last night. i may need to take her to the DRS . but i really feel that GOD used her due to she was asleep and she doesn't know how she got down there or why and she wasn't awake saying in a ((faint sound fire----- fire----- fire. ))

    anyways all i know is GOD saved us.

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    bump--------------for prayers for shelby
  9. blkkat

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    things are much better thank you!