Jesus, the light of Chanukkah

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    Jesus celebrated Chanukkah John:10:22. Chanukkah is the only winter Jewish holiday.

    have you ever looked at a Chanukkah menorah? The place for the servent candle that gives light to the other candles is set apart from the others. This signifies Jesus the servent is holy and rightous and as the giver of light, he is seperated from the mondane.

    Also, as this servent candle gives light to the other candles, its light does not deminish. As Jesus shines his light in us, his light does not deminish.

    Each night of of Chanukkah another candle is lit, thus the lgiht from the menorah increses. As Christians the light in us should never decrease, but always increase. Each day the light Jesus put in us should shine brighter than the day before.

    A few years ago, I was looking at the candles burning on my menorah. Although each candle had a seperate flame, the eight candle flames united into one flame and produced a bright light. Also, when one of the candle flames flicked and appeared it would go out, the flame from the other candles kept the flame buring bright.It dawned on me, that as christians we have our individual light; however, when we combine our light in unity with other christians, the lgiht shining in the dasrkness of this world is even brighter. Also, as the other candles kept the flickering flame burning, as christians we need to keep the light burning in our brothers and sisters who are faltering.

    Happy Chanukkah