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    Of all the stars in Heaven,
    And as they shine so bright,
    There was one that was so glorious
    On a bright December night.

    It marked a little stable
    In Bethlehem, they say.
    Unto the world a gift was given
    And remembered, until this day.

    A precious little baby
    Was delivered by a smiling virgin mom.
    She had been told, by an angel,
    What her special Son would become.

    As He grew up, here on Earth,
    In Heaven all His time was spent.
    They named this baby 'Jesus'.
    People followed Him wherever He went.

    It seemed He was invincible,
    No matter what was said.
    He began to feed the hungry
    And He even raised the dead.

    There is no end to the good He'd do
    While He wandered here, on Earth.
    But, everyone knew He was our Savior,
    Ever since His precious birth.

    Now, Jesus, I wish I could have met You
    And talked with You man to man,
    Or maybe received my healing,
    With a touch of Your mighty hand.

    You're my precious Lord and Savior,
    And this You'll always be.
    For, You will live inside this heart
    For all of eternity.

    Through the streets they made You walk,
    My Lord, all black and blue.
    I swear, I wish I could have been there
    To have taken the pain for you.

    But with the cross upon Your shoulders,
    They led You to that hill.
    Oh, Lord, this breaks my heart
    And I know it always will.

    As if You hadn't suffered
    Quite enough for us, You see,
    They threw You on the ground
    And they nailed You to that tree.

    While You were hanging
    And Your blood was pouring out,
    The darkness moved upon them
    And suddenly You cried out,

    "Father, please forgive them.
    For, they know not what they do."
    Oh, Jesus, even in dying,
    You remembered to be true.

    © by Gary Hall