JINLEE could I ask you a question about your MCS? Thanks :) rop

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelbo, May 7, 2009.

  1. shelbo

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    I saw in the 'racing heart' post that you are very chemically sensitive and I am this way too esp with stuff that 'absorbs' into my skin....

    I have a very dry sensitive complexion, though, (dry sensitive rosacea affecting my face and eyes) and whilst I had found a cleanser I could use on my face and eyes and a moisturiser I could use on my face, they have both been reformulated and now are useless to me! :(
    I have a little left of each but need to find replacements which is proving to be very challenging... However, due to my sensitive dry face I need to use moisturiser... I have also tried plain oils to no avail...

    When I experiment I get neurological symptoms (headaches, eye pain, dizziness, nausea, racing heart, super fatigued, muscle pain, sinus pain etc).

    To get to the point (LOL) I wonder if you would mind sharing what you use to cleanse and moisturise your face without any chemical reaction...? I am finding this so hard and would love to know your skintype and what you can use?

    Thanks so much...I hope you see this :)
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    I use just plain ivory soap for cleansing. I have oily skin so dry skin is usually not a problem. Have you tried vitamin E capsule broken open, tea tree oil, aloe vera, or Burt's Balm products?

    I have an old book that gives all sorts of natural remedies for MCS patients to use instead of the chemicals in the store. I will dig it out and see what it has for suggestions, as I can't remember off the top of my head.

    I was told once to use plain old Crisco shortening on my skin and mashed avocado for a moisturizer....didn't try it.

    Hope this helps...


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  3. shelbo

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    Thanks! :)

    I seem to have reactions to everything, even natural stuff but I'll experiment with what you've suggested. I'm in the UK and we don't have Crisco here and I think TTO would be too harsh for my skin, not to mention strong-smelling (I have a hard time with essential oils) but I'll look into the other suggestions...did you mean Burt's Bees btw or is there a separate brand called Burt's Balms? Thanks.

    I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know what's in the book by way of skincare recommendations if you can dig it out :)

    You are so lucky to have oily skin, believe me...! :) I wish I did! I surprised you do so well with Ivory soap...I read on another board recently that it has masking fragrance which is problematic for many sensitive folk.

    Anyway, thanks again, Shelbo :)
  4. jinlee

    jinlee Member

    I didn't know you lived across the pond!

    Yes I meant burt's bees over here. Also when I was first sick many years ago my mom made natural soap for me from her goat's milk. You might be able to find some goat milk soap, very gentle and you should be able to get some without any fragrance added. I know you can get it on the internet.

    Will pass on whatever I remember!

  5. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    I appreciate it! I know this is unlikely...but did have you ever found any makeup/ cosmetics you can tolerate? Thanks, Shelbo :)
  6. jinlee

    jinlee Member

    Hi again shelbo,

    I usually never wear makeup, too smelly. Now sometimes I use Physician's formula mineral makeup. It works pretty well. I don't use it except if I am going somewhere and am looking exceptionally pale and feeling ugly!

    My biggest problem is my hands. I have such dry skin on my hands but cannot find anything that has no smell and doesn't burn and sting and turn my hands red. even something that says "no fragrance" I can smell and it seems to stick in my nose and never leave.

    Someone said to put hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip and swab your nostrils twice a day to keep them germ-free and maybe that would remove odors also...it is a thought anyway.

    My spouse insists on using dishwasher soap that kills me so I leave the downstairs completely when the dishwasher is running. Also have to have a water filter on shower, all faucets, etc., as our city is using so much chlorine in the water nowdays.

    I use Tom's of Maine toothpaste without fluoride which seems okay. Washing detergent, the ALL Free seems to work okay, no lasting smell on clothes.

    Shampoo is another problem. even natural ones have scent that stays with you all day and just makes my nose sting and head dizzy. I haven't found something to wash my hair that isn't a problem so still am looking. I still wash my hair, just pay for the smell all day!

    Preservatives in medications, shots are terrible so even vitamin b-12 shots unless they are preservative free don't work out.

    I use that Crystal natural deodorant rollon, made with some natural crystal stuff, no aluminum and I can't smell it, at least it is a non-irritating smell, it kills the bacteria naturally so no smell under pits!

    My son uses some facewash that absolultely kills me. It just permeates everything but no one else seems to smell it.

    Household cleaners are real buggers. I can't find anything that really cleans my floors and doesn't smell horrible and make me sick. So mostly I just scrub with borax soap and hot water. This is difficult as I can't scrub for long because of bilateral shoulder surgery problems and collarbone issues. My husband wants to refloor the house and i am holding back because I know for quite awhile the smells are going to send me into a bad place!

    well, if I discover more, I will write you. I know that book I have has many ideas but I have to go out to where we are storing our extra stuff and I have a bad cold thingy right now so will get there soon, so don't think I have forgotten.

    Write if you have any other suggestions or questions.

    Oh, I love cats but their fur doesn't love me or my family. We are so allergic. we adopted on trial a siberian breed cat as they are hypoallergenic. And it truly is amazing. she can be in the house and we don't sneeze, choke up with asthma or eyes swell shut! Amazing. I had no idea cats existed that were hypoallergienic! she is truly loved and is part of our family now.


  7. shelbo

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    I can't even wear mineral makeup... :( Used to be able to! I'm hoping to maybe be able to wear it again at some point...I've just gone gluten free to see if it helps my overall resistance to things that bother me... My face is killing today though...feels like it's on fire! It's only been a week and a bit since I started the diet though.. I just bought a mineral makeup sample from Ebay so I'll try it periodically...

    Your hands must really hurt... Could you maybe try 100% organic cotton gloves to protect them from further dryness and irritation. Have you tried a very pure fish oil like Nordic Naturals Omega 3 or Barlean's Flaxseed oil to see if you can lubricate them from the inside out....?

    Sometimes I flush my sinuses with water with sea salt added to irrigate my sinuses...I want to get a neti pot though so I can do it properly. There is a US product called Hydrasense which is supposed to be just water and seasalt...maybe worth a shot. I'm in the UK...wouldn't even know where to buy hydrogen peroxide.. Also, the name sounds a bit scary..to me anyway! :)

    Are your symptoms related to your hands and nose only? I get awful nausea, sore skin, sever headaches, dizziness etc... do you get any of this yourself?

    I use a toothpaste by Weleda called Salt toothepaste. It's fairly good, contains no flouride but is expensive and is only a 75ml tube..
    For laundry I am able to tolerate Ecover washing powder although it is mildly (naturally) scented with lavender. It's much better than the regular ones which gave me problems with rashes even before I was super sensitive. I can't get All Free products here.

    For wiping down surfaces I have found a product called Method Go Naked surface cleaner. It has no fragrance/ scent at all (though I, with my picky nose, can smell 'something') and bothers me least out of everything I've tried. It has something like 5 ingredients. I wonder if it would be tolerated by you. It's maybe worth a try if you can find it. There is no scrubbing involved so that would be advantageous for you...I spray it, leave it for a min and everything wipes off! I found an unscented cream cleanser by Ecover too which is great for scouring-type jobs..I use that to clean the sink mostly.

    There is a completely scent free shampoo I read of recently. Can't recall the brand. I'll have a scout around and see if I can find out...maybe it's only you haven't tried yet... I'll let you know :) Does it make a difference if you rinse multiple times?

    I wonder if your son would consider trying another face wash and your husband a different dishwasher tablet...? It must drive you mad...! :(

    I'll look up that deodorant..thanks! :)

    As I said, my biggest problem is finding skincare I can use without feeling violently ill and upsetting my skin/ eyes... Please don't go searching while you have your cold but if you do manage to dig out the book some time I would love to know what it recommends... :)

    Oh, you have a cat! She sounds so cute! It's really nice to have a pet! I have a dog..in fact, I just posted her pic in my profile! Pets are so loving, non-judgemental and therapeutic.... I couldn't be without my Trixie Boo :)

    Thanks for replying! Shelbo :)

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