JK Wedding Entrance Dance

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    Hi All,

    No commentary necessary on this one! :)


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    Just when I thought I'd seen it all! : )

    >> NOTE:copy and pasting didn't work SO I just SEARCHED You Tube for .. J K wedding

    also - while your at you tube - Search: wedding dance first dance

    > oh brother! lol
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    I had the misfortune of stumbling across this video already since my husband is a wedding photographer.

    I really think this is one of the tackiest displays of classless behavior that I have ever seen. It seems to make a mockery of the seriousness of the sanctity of the marriage vow. I have to seriously wonder what kind of church or synagogue would allow such display, although I guess it may have been in a non-denominational or even a hall.

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    Hi Laura,

    Obviously, to each their own. But I just noticed that this video has already gotten almost 30,000 comments. And I didn't notice any one that didn't like it. The last comment posted just 13 seconds ago states:

    """As a pastor who has performed a bunch of weddings... WOW!!!! How much fun was that!!!! THAT is that kind of JOY a wedding deserves. Congrats for being the kind of folks willing to share your joy with so many!!! ? And thank you for leaving Pachabel's canon somewhere else... :)"""

    Best, Wayne
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    I guess I'm like Laura...a little too old fashioned, I guess...but I also feel that the ceremony itself should be thoughtful and insightful. Marriage is a serious undertaking and should be started in a respectful way. It's certainly not all fun and games in life, and if a person can't be serious about preparing for their wedding vows, how can they be serious about the committment that goes with them?

    I've been to weddings that ended similar to this....Dancing down the aisle as they LEAVE the church to celebrate the marriage, however, is another story! lol....

    There may have been lots of viewers, and yes, it IS FUNNY....but that doesn't mean we think it should happen....and I'll bet there were many viewers who thought it was funny that wouldn't want their own children to do this........................just my thoughts.....(Okay, I know it probably wasn't meant to be taken THIS seriously, but the message sent by the minister did disturbe me also).....Jole
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    A marriage ceremony is an event of a sacred covenant .. life long Promises Being Made in the presence of God and man. It IS a joyous occasion and we should be happy for the couple, giving them our blessing.
    - The seriousness of this sacred covenant AND the house of worship should be revered
    .. or at least respected by all .

    The secular happy dancing- party time celebrating of this new sacred union should really be practiced outside of a house of worship ... AFTER the ceremony .
    Then, a new life has begun ... so let the party begin!

    The silly-fun party dancing WAS a surprise and a FUNNY thing , but would really be more appropriate at the Celebration Reception .. following the ceremony.
    That's my personal belief ..and they have theirs. I AM happy for them.
    It's THEIR wedding and I wouldn't want to rain on their "parade".(no pun intended)

    Well, that's my unsolicited (yet infallible) opinion. lol Jim : )
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  7. desertlass

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    That is the most uplifting thing I have seen in ages.
    Thanks for posting.
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    Hi All,

    JimB, BTW, thanks for the instructions for those whose copy and paste didn't work. And thank you also for your unsolicited, infallible opinion. LOL Got a good kick out of that one!

    Hi Jole, thanks for your comments. I have to admit I'm a bit old fashioned as well. This is something I would never do myself, for some of the reasons you and JimB mention. But, quite honestly, I am really happy there are people like this in the world!

    Somehow, watching this gives me a certain sense of hope. Feels sort of like a message of the indomitable human spirit during these difficult economic times, and for most of us here, during times of serious health issues. To see that exuberance for life, well it just gives me a sense of a renewal that I hope will perhaps come around again for all of us.

    Hi Anchorholds, RE: ""I was completely turned off by traditional church when I was young, so I guess that is why this appeals to me. I hated dead solemn churches and some of the traditions of men (not the marriage tradition).""

    *** You know, your above statement reminded me of when I was young and our family had gotten back from Sunday church services. At lunch time, my Dad mentioned that he found some of what the minister had said pretty interesting. (It was the only comment I had ever remembered being said in our house about a church service).

    Anyway, I looked at him in almost total disbelief. I could scarcely imagine that anybody listened to church sermons! And this came from the complete innocence of a child, one who couldn't conceive of wanting to do anything other than sleeping in on a Sunday morning. Not quite sure what this all reveals, but it might have been one of the first indications of a rebel in the making. LOL

    RE: ""People need their sense of humor, exuberance for life and creativity to survive and thrive in a marriage!"" -- Well put. I completely agree.

    Hi Lisette, so good to hear from you! I've thought of you on and off recently and wondered how you were doing. Hope all is well with you and your family. If you would ever want to exchange some private messages, I can be reached over on Cort Johnson's new message board where they have exceptional communication tools.

    I'm happy you found the video uplifting. I can see people's perspective that perhaps this could have been done afterwards, or in a somewhat different manner. I would just hope that they can still appreciate and take a great delight in seeing these young people expressing their love in such a fun and uninhibited way.

    Thanks for replying everybody.

    Best to All, Wayne[This Message was Edited on 07/27/2009]
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    Thanks Wayne for showing that, I loved it. If i could do it all over again I would do it just like that, how fun.