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    Thanks for your post and interest. The dr didn't fill out SSD papers. The unemp. office sent me papers for her to fill out. They ask if I was released to work to do my normal job duties,she said not now and when ask when she said unknown and possibly permanent. But they told me it doesn't matter to them what she said as long as she says I can work some and doing anything but my normal job which is my old job. I'm just scared to file for SSD now cause I'm already out of money and 2 pmts behind on my mortgage.

    I could see it if she had filled out SSD but I wouldn't ask her to go back on that. I didn't know what I was getting into. Keke
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    I understand now. It sounds like she just doesn't want to get involved, maybe. Some doctors don't .. they end up getting papers galore to complete I think, so they just decide not to fill out any of them!

    It's sad, because you could really use her now. Especially since you are 2 mortgage payments behind. You can't afford to get any further behind. I see why you need help immediately.

    Are you going to try to get to talk with her personally?

    Good luck.

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    I believe I mentioned to you that I attended my ALJ

    hearing and that my Doctor reluctantly, but as a pro-

    fessional ethnical responsibility stated in his report

    that he did not consider me disabled enough not to perform

    some "light employment". However, the Court appt. Doctor

    differed in opion based on those same med. records. He

    testified that my smyptoms were "emblematic of my ill-

    ness" and that I could not perform in a work situation

    in the current job market etc.

    But each case and the people involved and different. You

    are dealing in the main with spectulation and an Attorney

    is your best step. Good luck.


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    do it on your own....they do not understand the critierias of wha tis ssi/ssdi ...

    check out disabilitysecrets.com..

    file your unemployment and move on...

    mr.dad knows what he is talking about...sae thing here...

    i won two cases of ssdi...ok so i also received unemployment durng a period of time i had filed for unemeployment ...

    i needed to survive..

    call yur churches etc...to help out...rent out rooms if you can....

    survival of the fitess


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