JLH JANET HOW ARE YOU????????????????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by darude, May 5, 2006.

  1. darude

    darude New Member

    YOu have not posted for ages. Last heard you were extremely ill. Hope to hear from ya sooon
  2. JLH

    JLH New Member

    This is the first day that I have signed in to the message boards in many days, and then I saw your post right at the top of page one!! That really brightened my day!!

    I am still not doing well. I have been so bad that I have just not been able to sit up long and type.

    The orothopedic surgeon that I recently went to thinks that the pain from my damaged knees (both of them) is radiating through my bones in my legs to my hips and low back and making them hurt more.

    I have always had bad back problems and last year developed at pinched nerve in my back that causes extreme pain in my back, hips, and right leg, and I was never able to find anything or anybody to relieve that pain -- and have had other back problems, arthritic problems, etc. that cause me a lot of pain issues.

    So, this surgeon thinks my knee pain is just making all of this pain worse. He must be correct, because the pain has been so bad that I can't sit up in my computer chair and type very often at all.

    Besides all of this pain, I have been on new pain meds which cause me to be SOOOOOOO SLEEPY that I can't keep my eyes open!!! I have spent the majority of every day in bed! I used to come in and get on the computer after I quit watching my evening TV programs and stay on it from 11:00 pm to 2:00 am or later! I just can't do that any more; in fact, I have been going to bed early (9 or 10pm) and just forgetting the rest of my TV shows!

    I have been to a few different docs recently, too. I have been given the Durgesic pain patch. Started out on the 12.5 strength, then went to the 50 strength. It not only kept me asleep all the time, but I had such trouble keeping it on my skin, that last week, he changed me to a time-released long-acting narcotic pain pill. I'm on the second day using it, and so far .... sleep, sleep, sleep!!! It has help relieve a lot of the pain, but I just can't stand sleeping all day and all night! I can't get anything done!

    As soon as my cardiologist and primary docs give the surgeon an OK to operate, my right knee surgery will be scheduled to repair the damage that I did to it when I fell out of the computer chair. He said that I needed a total knee replacement in my left knee, but I don't want to do that know. I am afraid that the recovery will be really hard at me at my present weight. I really need to lose a LOT of weight before I have it done, to help out on the recovery. But doing that will be SOOOOOO HARD!!!!!!!!

    I just have to have the right knee done now because it is just killing me! I can't walk with 2 bad knees, bad hips, and a back back!!! Just getting back and forth to the doctors put me in tears. It causes me to hurt so badly all evening that I just can't hold the tears back! Maybe it's the pain meds that cause my emotions to be so tender, I don't know, but the tears just flow!

    When I went to the ortho's, I had to sit and wait 3 hours before being called back to go get my xrays. When I stood up, the pain was numbing in my bones and joints and I told her that I had to stand there a few seconds before I could even get my legs to "work"! After walking the long hallway back to their xray room and getting the films done, she told me that they didn't have a room ready for me yet, that I would need to go back out to the waiting room and wait to be calleld.

    I just looked at her and started crying, and could stop crying. I said that I just couldn't make it, that I was unable to walk that far. She just stared at me. I then said that I was SERIOUS, that I physically could not walk that far. I asked if I could just sit in a chair in a corner of the hallway, out of the way, until a room was ready. The 20-something young lady finally said OK. I asked for a cup of water and then I took a Lortab when she turned around and left.

    My mother has driven a 45 min. drive up to my house to pick me up for the doc and turn around and drive right back to her town (where my doc is), then when I get out of the doc's office, take me back home and turn around and go back to her house. I have hated to have my 76 yr-old mother to have to do all of this driving, but I have had no other choice.

    I don't know if I have other issues going on besides my back, hips, and knee problems or not, but I have felt like "death warmed over" for the last 6 weeks or more. Maybe all this pain has my fibro and lupus flared up, too.

    I think I told you about getting stung by a wasp on my finger, didn't I? I didn't see it on the sink faucet--it was behind the handle, and when I turned the water on, it stung me. I have always been allergic to bee stings and normally end up in the hospital. I avoided the hospital by a quick call to my doc and got some meds. I first took Benedryl and put some Benedryl cream on the sting.

    I still ended up with blood poisoning and cellulitis in that hand--a huge red strip about 10" up my hand showing the infection. My fingers and hand were so swollen that I could not move my fingers ..... which meant no typing on the computer for days!!

    Well, I know you are tired of reading all this by now, but I hope that I can spend at least a little time each day now on the board, that is if this new pain med doesn't keep me in bed forever, too!

    I HAVE MISSED ALL OF YOU SOOOOOO MUCH, and missed seeing what was going on here!!! I think about it everyday--that I'm missing everything and will never get caught up on how everyone is doing, etc.!!!!

    I'll let you know when my right knee surgery is scheuled!!

    Thanks for your concern about me .... you will never know how much that means to me!!! You gals are the only friends that I have!!!!!!

  3. granny1353

    granny1353 New Member

    so glad to hear from you. I read you were really sick and have been praying for you.

    It sounds as if you have been through the wringer. I feel so bad for you and wish I lived by you, I would love to be able to help you.

    I won't make this long as I know you can't sit long, but wanted to jump in and say HI and I've missed reading your posts.

    Will continue to pray for you girl,
    Gentle Hugs, Granny
  4. darude

    darude New Member

    Sorry to hear you are going through all that!!!!!!! Geez it never ends does it? I am waiting to have top teeth pulled and an immediate denture put in. They don't want me to go under because of recent problems so have to have a couple of teeth out at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recently went to docs and blood pressure soaring 192/110 average. So far is not coming down. MRI coming and they may do surgery to remove tumor. YUK. Also my daughter just bought a house and is in middle of moving from here ---- Boxes everywhere and mass confusion driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I guess we will survive keep in touch. Annie the Londoner
  5. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Just wanted to thank Darude for posting to you. I should have done that myself. I should have realized you weren't able to answer email.

    Well hon, if you have to sleep, sleep, sleep, that is what you do.

    I hope you will be able to let us know before you have your knee surgery. I can totally understand why you don't feel you can go through with knee replacement on your left knee right now.

    Janet, I'm sure your mother understands and she is your mother. Everyone knows how ill you are and injured. I'm sure your hubby can't take off work to drive you back and forth to the doctor.

    I wish I was near you as I'd drive you myself. I can't believe I used to enjoy driving at one point around 1998. Then around a year or so later it just got that I could do less and less.

    Yes, you told us about the wasp sting. How horrible... I am so afraid of them when I see them and also the yellow jackets and bumblebees and those horrible japanese hornets.

    Take care of yourself. I'll surely be happy when you feel better. Miss you here like crazy.

    Love & hugs,

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