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    just reading your post.........boy you and your hubby are 2 people who just liked to lay back and sit around your whole life huh? i mean after retiring going out and buying a farm! (just in case you are wondering i am totally being way sarcastic)i cannot even believe that you choose to buy and work on a farm AFTER retiring! that is sooooooooo much work! not that i have any experience but i can only imagine. i guess that keeps you guys young huh? not to mention healthy too. good for you guys. i can't believe all those watermelons! how cool is that. i am very impressed with you. i gotta say. my husband always says to me...let's get out of what we are doing and go live on a farm and do all the work.....i said are you kidding! do you realize how hard that is?? no way! i just wanted to let you know how great i think that is, and also even more so because i also read how many things you have that must keep you in so much pain. you sound like one strong woman! i really admire you.
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    Well, I'm not sure what post your are referring to, or if you're referring to my bio ..... but I must have typed the one you read when I was in a major fog or about to fall asleep -- which is very often!!! -- because we didn't buy the farms AFTER i retired.

    We live on a farm and bought two more in the 1970's. We'll be paying on them until we die though!!!

    Oh, I knew you were being sarcastic!! I know because I have such a sarcastic sense of humor!!! LOL

    Yeah, we've raised tons of watermelons and pumpkins, too. We used to have pumpkins piled up in our front yard and people would pull in the driveway and honk if they wanted to buy one. We have one of those full-length all-glass storm doors, so the kids would leave the front door open so they could watch through the storm door to see if cars were pulling in. This is because whichever kid got to the driveway first, they got to keep all the money from the pumplin sale! All of the kids would race out to help the customers!! When they all started to fight over the sales when they got back in the house, we had to let only one at a time go out.

    We let them keep all the money from all the sales in the yard because they all would help harvest them and plant them and hoe them, etc. We also sold to local stores and sometimes at local farmers markets on the weekends.

    All the major farming with crops like this was when the kids were growing up, and we were both working full time -- the busiest part of our lives!!! My husband came from a hard working family--all with day jobs, and farming on the side.

    I am retired, my husband is still working, and the kids are all out of the house now--thank goodness!!! However, my husband misses the help. Only my son still helps him farm when he's not at work. Our one daughter is a doctor and her doc friends can't believe that she used to work in a strawberry patch, feed cattle, had a lamb in the fair, and did all the country stuff!!!

    My dad always preached the value of a hard day's work, too.

    I guess we must have learned something from our parents!!

    By all means, tell your hubby that he NEVER, EVER, wants to buy a farm!!!!! You're right, too much work, no profit in anything after you pay your land payments, insurance, and equipment payments!!!!

    We're semi-retired as far as the farm goes now, I guess. We just manage our cattle herd, raise lots of hay and corn to feed them, and a few little side crops.

    I do have a lot of major health problems. I have been sick all of my life, and have really had to push myself a lot to keep up with our lifestyle. I think that's why I have gotten sicker!!! It's been a lot of stress!! My boss at work used to get on me all the time about all my absences due to being sick, but I just couldn't help it.

    I am in pain every day. Some days it's so bad that I end up in tears many times, and wonder how many more days like this that I can stand. But then, I think that is how a lot of us here on the board are. But sometimes, I do have to wonder about the really young ones here that say they can't work or do anything due to the pain. I have to think what I have done all these years and how much pain I was in every day.

    I don't know about being strong. I just did what I had to do, and just tried to survive one day at a time. Those "one day at a times" ended up to be years at a time, and here I am now, retired, THANK GOD!!!!! I really don't think I could handle the same pace as I did all those years.

    I'm so glad that there is such a thing as RETIREMENT!!!!!!

    Thanks for the admiration. I really appreciate it. The thing that I am most proud about are my 3 children. They know a good work ethic, they never ever gave me one minute of trouble, have good morals, and never gotten involved in drugs or alcohol, and never been in trouble with the law. I am so very fortunate and feel so blessed that they have turned out to be responsible, kind-hearted, thoughtful, and considerate young adults - and one of them has even given me to wonderful grandsons!!!!!!! And they are dollbabies!!!!

    Take care,

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    sorry about the little bit of confusion w/ the retirement etc. PUMPKINS? i have almost a weird fascination with them. my children get a kick out of it. come fall i get sooooo many of them! even though we cant put them outside 'cause of all the deer, i love carving them and then cooking the seeds, it brings me right back to childhood! i love them. and you said something about being fortunate to have such great kids? how do you think they got that way? now my kids are still young 13 and 10 but one time before my dad died, someone said to me....you are alwful lucky to have kids like that and my dad turned around to them and said my daughter is not lucky at all...its the way she is raising them! she puts a lot of hard work and lots and lots of love towards her children w/ disipline there is no luck there. and my father always said you never let anybody take that away from you... you and your husband work hard and it shows. so, on that note...your children are the way they are because of you and your husband! sorry , can you tell i how i feel about that? i think its because my dad said it and he is not around anymore and i miss him. anyway...good talking to you and hope to talk with you again. try to feel better w/ all the problems you have i am very sorry to hear about all of them. take care and talk with you soon.
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    Sounds like your father was a wise man! I guess you are right, your children have to learn their values somewhere, don't they!

    Your children are at a very impressionable age now. I'm sure they make you very proud now.

    Take care,

    P.S. It's been a rough night! I haven't been able to sleep, so I got back on here! It is 3:40 a.m. my time. I think I'm going to try bed now -- one more time!!!