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    You asked about my throat in a previous post about shaving your legs. lol

    The doctor thinks it is a virus. I don't... He gave me an Rx for Dexamethasone Elix .5 mg. I am to use 2 tsp. and swish it in my mouth, then gargle and spit out. It isn't helping much at all for the horrid pain.

    I woke up today with horrible screaming throat pain. I am also using Mycelex Troches in case it is thrush I'm dealing with. Personally I think I have a bacterial infection. The strep test was negative.

    My sugar was over 300 today and I hardly had anything for dinner, but two small bowls of chili.

    I don't know what else to do. The Lortabs are barely helping the pain, it hurts to eat and drink and just swallow. It is more pain than the FMS.

    When I finish using the swish stuff, I'll probably go back to the doctor again.

    I'm praying it is thrush so that the Mycelex will help it to go away. I'm lucky my endo gives me Rx's for that whenever I ask him.

    Big hugs,
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    I'm glad you got to the doctor to see about your throat. Gee, it sounds like you are in awful shape. I never could stand a sore throat--it makes you feel miserable.

    I'm with you, it sounds more like a bacterial infection rather than a viral one. Especially since your sugar was 300 today without much food.

    I've only had my sugar that high a couple times. But could it be some yeast infection in your throat from your sugar being high?

    I was going to suggest some of that Tylenol Sore Throat stuff, but it probably wouldn't help if the Lortabs don't help the pain.

    Maybe the Mycelex will help, I hope.

    I hate it that you're still feeling so bad. Unfortunately, I am, too. It's still a pain issue for me--my back from the pinched nerve, bone pain in my hips and legs, and now I've hurt my right arm and the elbow and it's in a lot of pain! I just took a Lortab, too, but they just don't help the pain that much. After supper, I'm going to sit witht he heating pad for a couple hours while watching TV. Then I'll be back on the computer.

    Must go fix pork chops for my hubby now.

    Rest up!


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