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    Thank you for all your fun posts such as free shipping for crocs. But what I really want to thank you for are the possible life saving posts such as heart attacks in women and 7 diseases missed by doctors. This is information that we need to know. I really appreciate it!!

  2. JLH

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    Thank YOU for the note of inspiration!

    I try to post a combination of things that are fun, inspirational, and medically informative.

    I am certainly glad that you enjoy them and took the time to let me know that! I appreciate it.

    You know, you never really know what people think about the stuff you post--not a lot of people will tell you! I am always afraid that people will see my name and think "oh, no, more garbage from her!!!" LOL

    Posting about everything else other than my own aches and pains keeps my mind off them!!

    Thank you again, my friend.