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    You both are uplifting to me. Thanks......Gee I did not know about modeling the capes, will our pictures be on the front of a magazine at my grocery check out?

    I will have to keep my cape I now look like a one eyed hound dog....without clothing,,,,,,I recently had a mammogram and told the tech that and she lost it. Everyone thinks you have to be so serious......I also said that the mammogram charges should be half price.........

    I totally believe that happy and loving thoughts are the best cure. During all my treatments, operation and all......I insisted that there would be no tears or such, no put on either. I had so much love come to me, I radiated with all the good feelings. I could feel the goodness in soul and physical self.

    My tumor was the size of a small orange and one Dr. would call it a stage 3 and another would call it a stage 4. I called it gone totally. I never worried. I really was in peace. Laughter is healing and we had and still do, much of that.

    So keep with the ones that makes you feel this way and know you are getting much more of same sent you way.........Love and Blessings............Susan
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    I just love you so and S=Elaine bring both laughter and peace into my days...and long nights!!!


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    SUES1 and JMQ,

    I agree laughter is the best medicine. Besides, we have to be able to laugh with our illnesses and the extra stuff we go through.

    SUES1, I wonder what the Mammo Technician must have thought when you said ---- “charges should be half price!” See, what a positive frame of mind you had when the doctors were calling it Stage 3 or Stage 4 & you were calling it GONE TOTALLY!

    There are many times when I’m very Foggy headed & you know how you just can’t process information??

    I tend to keep saying ===== “What???? What???” ==== over and over.

    For some reason, the person thinks I’m “heard of hearing” & repeats the same thing LOUDER and LOUDER. Then I’ll have to say, .... “Maybe tomorrow this will make sense to me!”

    -------- Hm, it seems like I might have left out some of the details of this upcoming PHOTO SHOOT of you and JMQ with your CAPES on.

    == It will be a full page spread in all Magazines & several BILLBOARDS will be put up too.

    == I know there will be a BILLBOARD in Hollywood, CA and one in Times Square in NYC.

    == A Magazine will be sent to everyone’s house within the USA!

    == Not to worry and what you look like, these CAPES seem to do wonders!

    I decided to be the Photographer & be in charge of the “Lighting”. I say we go for “Dim” lighting & we can wear a small mask to cover our eyes.

    With my FMS, I am very sensitive to lights so I usually don't put any on! I seem to do everything in the dark or with the blinds in the house closed. Maybe I'll just toss on Sun Glasses!

    I figured once these Magazines are distributed, both you and JMQ will be swarmed by the Paparattzi; you’ll both become Celebrities and be invited to all RED CARPET Events.

    With the small masks, perhaps people won’t stop you in the stores and ask for your autograph!

    I'll post a message to both of you right after my Surgery, scheduled for June 29. I'm sure the Surgeon will send the "growth" in for testing, so he can give me a "heads-up" when it comes to my next GYNO Exam.

    My Surgeon better tell me "GONE TOTALLY"; otherwise, I might wrestle him to the ground!.

    HUGS to both of you,
    == Elaine[This Message was Edited on 06/28/2009]
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    You are so wonderful...I am rolling around laughing and my hubby thinks I have lost it. However...I have a serious concern...WHY are you BEHIND the camera!? You need to be front and center for the centerfold. The three of us need to shine together on all those billboards! LOL

    Well sweetie...we will work out these details after your surgery. I will be sending positive energy your way. You are a very very special friend.