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  1. Didoe

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    Pension is hemorraghing...
    last night CBNC financial analysts were saying we can forget about 'retirement' altogether.
    It's like the last 10 yrs at work, were for nothing...except to pay rent and bills.

    Are you okay?
    Has this meltdown effected you at all?
  2. jmq

    jmq New Member

    Why would you want to ask me such a know my motto since I quit working is.... I do not want to know anything. I told my husband, who is paying attention, if we have to pack up the house and move into a trailer, just give me enough notice cuz I move slow.

    Am I in la la land...absolutely. All I know is the State of Florida was no smarter than any other investors so I am sure sooner or later I will hear my monthly little pension will go down. I just cant handle it if the insurance coverage is effected. Right now 50% of my pension pays my family insurance premium. I also have a small deffered compensation fund that has just about tanked from this crash...They say not to even bother taking what little I still have left in it...just hope this disaster will turn around and maybe in 10 years, if I am still around, it will be better...or at least there for my daughter.

    Guess what husband got laid off last week. Oh ya...didnt mention that did I...he is in sales (travel industry). Needless to say he has a couple of job interviews next week but God knows what there is that is still selling.

    So you see, if I allow any of this "reality" to creep into my quiet peaceful delusional mind, I may jump in front of a bus. Right now, I am on cruise control with my wonderful Lyrica...and a Tens machine....still wrestling with the daily drama of raising my 13 year old daughter.

    I do have some good news for you...I have taught myself how to make videos! I have always been artistic but not since Fibro knocked me off my butt. But this I am able to do on my laptop...and it cost nothing! I wish there was a way to show you one.

    I know how afraid you have been to retire...this turn in economey makes me so scared for you. The only good news from the whole mess is everyone will be in the same boat and start to re-evaluate thier value systems. Who knows....maybe turn and help each other..families and friends do what they use to do in the old days of the depression...pull together.

    We will see. Anyway, I will try to get a double wide trailer so I can have room for my friends...and you know you are one for sure! And yes, the boos are welcome too. How are they getting along these days?

    Well, my abien is kicking in so I hope I remember this post..

    Love you my sweet friend,
  3. jmq

    jmq New Member

    bumping this for Didoe

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