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    I started this last month and so far have had the first (which entails 6 sessions)of 7 treatments done. The first two visits were the intestinal cleansing and muscle testing to see which pathogens were wreaking havoc in my body, mine being lyme (I had a HUGE reaction to), mycoplasmas, candida, Hep C, and some littler viruses and a parasite I think.

    So far I've had the lyme treatment done, which is done in 6 consecutive days. And you do get sicker before you get better, that's for sure! It's a very weird technique they use, some homeopathic stuff involved too. I kept thinking it was a scam and was a little skeptical the whole time but kept with it. So far I feel at least 50% better over all and my fatigue and flu-like symptoms are gone 100% since I started it.

    I start the mycoplasma one next week I think. It's a very interesting treatment if no one has heard of it before, but you can look up Jaffe-Mellor Technique and read about it if you're interested. My acupuncturist who does this is in Olympia WA and his name is Rich Brightheart. I believe he's the only one around this area who does it. There aren't many people certified to do this yet since it's a realitively new technique but he's been to all the workshops on it and has 17 years experience in acupuncture/kineseology to boot.

    When I first talked with him he told me I'd feel about 20% better with standard acupuncture but could fix me and have me feeling 100% better and back to work using this technique. So of course all the sudden with a claim like that, I was very skeptical if not completely put off by it. But I didn't have anything to lose, since I'd seen my share of doctors and this was just about the only thing I haven't tried!

    Anyway, I am so happy I did it. I still don't know if it's just a coincidence I feel better (for 3 weeks) or if it's actually working, but I'm gonna have to say it's working until I get sick again. You do feel as if something is leaving your body when you go through the treatment, it's pretty strange.......but we'll see as time progresses and my health gets better. All I know is I would never have been able to take a trip to New Orleans last week and start 2 classes in school without this. I get out of the house everyday and feel so much better now whereas last year I was bedridden for a good part of the year.

    The treatment is expensive, but then again, what isn''s $90 for first visit and $55 for the rest with about 45-50 visits total I'm guessing. Luckily my insurance pays for 12 of them because it is listed as an acceptable treatment for fibromyalgia, myofascial pain as well as migraines.

    Supposedly he's had 100% results with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue patients. Also does really well with rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and other allergies. But like I said, all I can go on is how I feel now and since the beginning of the treatment, but I have a feeling it is definitely working. So far I would recommend this to EVERYONE with these DD's but I'd like to give it more time to make sure it's working.

    Hope this info is useful and perhaps we're on to something here??? I'm interested to know if anyone else is doing this treatment and the results you've gotten with it.


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    This is great Lisa, do you think it is in your head after this long? I rather doubt it though these techniques sure do sound like voodoo next to modern medicine. Of course, modern medicine is also what has got me so far! LOL Yah,right!

    I have still been looking for more about the NUCCA and their technique. I am down here in S. Cali. so maybe I can find someone who does this JMT technique.

    Thanks for sharing this, I will try to keep up with you as long as you keep us updaated. Thanks Again,

    Warm Hugs........Pam2
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    I am so happy to hear your good fortune!!
    I am making an appointment ASAP with Dr. Brightheart. I have the A-okay from my husband if insurance covers it or not. I will do anything for more energy and to be able to get out of the house again!!
    I am so happy for you!!
    God bless you, Vicky
    PS Did you get my email greeting card??
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    I'm so happy you both can try this. I think you'll be truly amazed with the results, you'll see a little of your old self back! It's funny, because now I don't have to pace myself anymore like I used to. You know, when you think... geez, if I try to vaccuum today or do some errands I'll be really sick tomorrow and won't be able to make my doctors appt.....that kind of thing. I don't think of it at all anymore, I just go about my daily business like a NORMAL person!! Still waiting for the morning I wake up sick again like I used to be, that would just crush me if that happened, but I doubt it since it's been more than 3 weeks and I've never felt so good in all my "sick" days!

    Good luck with your treatments, Vicky, you have his number in the yellow pages right? And Pam2, there are several that are certified and I'm sure you can find one in your area. I found a site when I looked up Jaffe-Mellor Technique in the Google search engine and it got me to a list of people who were certified in this approach. Hopefully you can find one near you.

    Good Luck!!!

    P.S. I'll definitley let you know if I ever get sick again!! Trust me.....
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    I have been doing searches in the last couple of days here for JMT, and you were the only one I found who was giving this a try. I had written you some posts but you must not have seen them.

    I used to see a chiropractor in my town, who I ran into lately, and he told me that he has been certified in JMT. He has CFIDS also, and had the treatment himself and said it helped him tremendously. He said he recommended that I give it a try. I am going to make the appointment this week. But I wanted to know more about it from someone who had tried it, besided just him. sounds great!!! I'm so happy for you. I would really like to keep in touch with you to compare notes. I don't know how we go about getting emails here ????????
    At a minimum.........please keep in touch here and let me know how it goes..........and I will let you know as well.

    Thanks for letting us know about this.


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    Hi !
    I am glad that you are responding the the JMT and I hope
    it is helping you turn your health around.

    Myself and I know of many others who have not been helped
    by the many sessions of JMT then to be told we are now free of Lyme and Mycoplasma, etc.. but still feel sick and that we have to keep doing the sessions because these pathogens
    can come back! Then also to be told that some JMT practitioners may be better than others. Geeeeeez.

    There was an article in the Alternative Medicine Magazine about this technique probably about a year ago. I called
    that magazine and told them the author of the article reported false and misleading info. One of the examples was a gal who had crohns and it said she was cured by JMT. Later, I find out this gal was also taking medicine/drugs to
    stabilize the disease.

    If the JMT works for you then more power to you. But just wanted tell of my experience with it and it wasn't so good.
    I wasted alot of money and time. I know of others who have
    experienced the same.

  7. Solstice

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    I would like more info from anyone that has tried it!!!

  8. lisjhn

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    You can write me by e-mail if you want. I'd like to hear how your treatment is progressing too. Let me know when you read this so I can delete my e-mail for the world to see! (Done!)

    The only negative things I have heard from this technique are from people who haven't finished their treatments and gave up part way through. Plus I think there are many different JMT certified out there and each are different so you might want to check up on him a little. See who he's treated and call them directly. Hey, it's a lot of money!

    And as far as the other post above, for one, you don't have to keep coming back to keep the pathogens out. What you are doing is repatterening your body to accept these pathogens and not fight them any more (aka: what makes you sick) It's not the little critters inside you that make you sick, it's the immune response to it.) So I don't know who's making you keep coming's an excerpt from the brochure I have about the technique:

    "Once the allergy has cleared, the substance is eliminated from the cellular memory and further exposure to that particular substance has no interruption on meridian flow, brain, or immune function. The once offending allergen is now compatible with the body permanently."

    BTW~ They say allergy about everything. You have external and internal allergies to all kinds of things from vitamins, minerals, pollens, dusts, pathogens, basically anything that comes in direct contact with your body can be an allergy if your body isn't compatible with it.

    Anyway, best of luck for whoever tries it. I understand the skepticism though, trust me, the whole things is just.....weird. That's the only word that comes to mind right about now! Ha.

    Solstice, let me know if you've read this and taken down my e-mail so we can write. Thanks.

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    Hi Lisa,
    I got your email address, so you can delete it now...........
    I will send you mine when I email you.
    And we can "talk" more at that time.


  10. scubadiver

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    Did your practitioner tell you how it would take for you
    to remap your body or however way he explained it?
    Did he say these would be permanent changes and the effects
    of JMT would be long lasting and not just helping with symptomology?

    Good luck with your therapy.
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    I made an appointment for Friday with Dr. Brightheart!! Thanks for all the great information on JMT!! I don't care if it is weird-if it gets me out of bed and out of the house!! I have done alot of weird things that were suppose to help that didn't so I will not give up now!!
  12. scubadiver

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    Of course you shouldn't stop anything that you feel is
    helping you. I don't think anyone said the JMT therapy was
    weird but it does lack scientific evidence. If your insurance company is helping to pay for it then why not?
    At least the therapy won't hurt you.
    I got really good effects from doing manual lymphatic
    drainage and my insurance company covered it %100 percent.
    I do believe that the reason the insurance company is paying
    part of the JMT is because they are using the accupuncture
    billing code.