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    I saw your post and was afarid it wouldnt get a response. The thread you posted on was old.

    You said you were 15. Do you have fibro? CFS?
    If not the symptoms you posted about are serious. headache,can't move neck etc.

    Tell a parent and see a doc.
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    I copied and pasted your post here and then copied and pasted my reply from that old thread that you posted on:

    You posted:

    "Im getting the same thing...!"

    "I'm 15 years old, and have had no exposure to sun whatsoever on my back yet. Summers approaching and winter just ended.
    My back feels like it has a sunburn, but i clearly do not have a sunburn! Its not overwhelmingly painful, but its worrying me, because i have no explanation, and Ive never experienced it. Other symptoms i have right now (that could be completely irrelevant to the back pain) is a big headache, and a sore throat. Ive been sick for a few days now. My headache is most painful when i look right or left.
    I have had no medical problems, except some broken bones (nowhere near my pains). I haven't taken any needles recently, nothing.

    Please help, i don't want this to develope into something i cant handle..."

    and I replied with this:

    Lyme disease oftens starts as a flu-like illness with sore throat.

    Headache is a common smptoms also, and it can also cause burning type pain.

    Read this and make sure you inform your parents of all this info too:




    for testing...test #188 and #189 western blot IgG and IgM from Igenex lab in CA.....call for free test kit with prepaid fedex label...




    A great board for people with tick borne diseases like Lyme is www.lymenet.org...click on flash discussion.....sign up for free....click on Medical Questions board.....post your questions and read posts....

    then go to the Seeking a Doctor Board on lymenet.org and post asking for a Lyme literate MD in your state.

    If you have lyme, it is much harder to treat if it goes untreated for awhile, so check into this now.

    Many, many people test Negative on the Lyme screen also called the ELISA...Dr B says in his paper on Lyme treatment, page 7...


    ...that the ELISA is WORTHLESS, so do not let a Dr rule out Lyme based on just this worthless test.....and that is what they usually do.

    Many people even have offically CDC negative Western blots, but still have lyme disease.

    Igenex lab in CA tests for many more bands than other regular labs, so it is possible to uncover some lyme specific bands on their western blot....even if it is CDC negative...those lyme specific bands can be a very important clue!

    You and your parents have lots of reading to do....good luck!

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