Joan - Posting as you read on ( Vol. #388)

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    Hope that makes some sense to you. It is on the current post, I forget the number. Soi,m if you don;t get to it right away just keep checking the volumes. Not sure if the SEARCH option is working or not.

    Hope the info helps you. Please let me know if you get it and if it worked for you. It may sounds difficult when you start reading the directions but once you do it a few ties it will go much more quickly.Please check the Porch. I forget the number of today's colume.

    I probably should have just posted the directions here but did not think of it. Will do so agaiin if you do not pick it up soon. There are many ways to do this job but this went pretty easily for me after the first few times.

    Hope you are doing OK my friend. I know it must be very hard for you but please do come by and chat with us no matter how you feel.


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    Bumpity bump bump - hope this helps you