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    What meds do you take? How long have you been on them?(please) thanks..Flax
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    Flaxen, sorry I didn't back back to you right away. Right now I'm taking Neurontin for my restless legs, 300 3x a day (but only when the RLS kicks in, it usually lasts for a few days, like a flare up), Zanaflex (usually 3 times a day) and Percocet 7.5 6x a day w/2 Motrin (my scrpit is only for 3x a day). (I started out with 3 about 2 years ago but I've increased it.) When the trigger points in my shoulders are locked up tight for a few days, I'll skip the Zanaflex and take 2 .5 valium. Sometimes that will ease the pain a bit and the relief lasts longer. I also wear Lidoderm patches almost everyday around the clock across shoulders and at the base of my skull. When my lower back kicks in too, I'll decorate my lower back with them! Sometimes the only thing that provides instant relief is to lay on ice (I use the flexible ice packs you get with a cooler). Obviously, though I stuck in bed and this interferes with living life and going to work. I wear magnets (a few days on/few days off) in my ears positioned on the points that correspond to my trouble spots too AND I use acupunture in the same way. Fortunately, my husband was trained to do this, he worked in a clinic and would use 5 point acupuncture to help addicts go thru withdrawals. I take a lot of supplements too and I can see the difference from last year but I can't seem to shake the shoulder/lower back pain. Any suggestions? I appreciate any help. I have an appointment with a new doctor, one that was listed on this website.
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