Job hunting w/FM, age discrimination, just having a rough time

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by libra55, Sep 7, 2006.

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    I'm still job hunting, had an interview day before was terrible....the young lady was so rude...and one of the other places I had gone earlier last week, they were smug with me.....almost like they were laughing at me behind my back. i'm not a paranoid person either so i know my feelings were valid. I just did not feel comfortable.

    I think they are rude bacause I am older (50) and havent worked in a long time. the interviewing has just about wore me out. I am in so much pain today, and my daughter had her wallet stolen yesterday (first day of school).....bus pass, learners permit, money, picture of boyfriend.....all gone. my husband is on the police dept so we reported it but probly won't see it again....I'm sure the wallet will be empty if we are lucky enough to get it back.

    I am just tired .....thank you for letting me vent today.

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    I was laid of in January 2005. I was told in October of 2004 that I was going to lose my job the first of the year.

    I was diagnosed with FM and a seizure disorder in September 2004 so this was a double blow.

    I started looking for work as soon as I found out I was losing my job. Even with my great work history it took until May of 2005 before I found a job.

    I'm 52 now and do believe a lot of the problem was age discrimination. I don't know if the pain shows on my face but I do know my age does!!

    Good luck and don't give up!


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    I looked up Women at work on google and it said that it was in the LA area. There are lots of women who need a start after raising their families etc. I wonder how someone would go about setting up something like that in their area? Just a thought.