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    I need someone's opinion on this. Few months ago I got a great graduate job offer in one of the biggest IT companies in Australia. Start date for this job is Jan/2004. However 3 months ago I have had a severe CFS relapse and am currently only getting worse, not being able to get out of bed most of the time. Chances of me being able to work full time in 5 months are almost zero.
    I have already signed the contract but obviously around the start date I would have to tell them that I'm too sick to work. What are they most likely to do? Just terminate my contract? Extend my start date for a few months or possibly longer? I'm just really really hoping I won't have to give up on this as I would love to work for them.
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    Hi there. In Nov. 2002 I was forced to leave my job. At that time it seemed like the best thing to do since I was sick...but now I regret it. I live in the I am not sure how sympathetic they are where you live...they are not very much over here. Granted, I worked for a team of 20 specialists (doctors), but my supervisor told me that I had to make a choice right there and then. To tell you the story short, I was off on Friday, ended up hospitalized because of flare up of Fibro and costochondritis, they thought it was my heart, because symptoms are similar to a heart attack (it wasn't). I went back to work with hospital papers,and my boss gave me the cold treatment Why am I saying all this???...please think it over really good. I was not thinking right because I had excrutiating pain then. I talked to vocational rehab and they told me that t employees cannot just let you go, if the company can find accomodations for you, by law, they have to do it. For example, I cannot lift over 20 causes costochondritis to flare up...I can do other jobs like filing, answer phones..etc.. They are supposed to have accomodations for all employees, ..but sometimes they do not do it for everyone. In my case, she really did not care. In the case of other employees that were smarter than me, they are still there after fighting for their rights. Things happen for a reason, I have learned from this experience.
    Please remember that word: ACCOMODATIONS, it can save your job. I would let time tell if I was you. Maybe a change of job can do wonders for you too. Give it a try, and then decide what to do. I hope you can do what is best for you. It sounds like a great opportunity to let it go by. take care. (
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    Jeez. Well, I'd say give it some time before you *do* anything. You just might feel a lot better sooner than you think! (I've never had a remission, so don't know anything about recovering from them.)

    Maybe try it out anyway? Maybe call them a couple weeks before you're supposed to start and see if you can work fewer hours, or telecommute, or extend your start date or something?

    In the meantime, contact Vocational Rehabilitation (don't know what you guys might call it) and find out what you can. Here, we have the Americans with Disabilities Act, which is why employers have to make accomodations, etc. I would probably feel like it might not apply to me (in your situation) because I haven't even started working yet, but they DID hire you! So they've proven they think you'd be a valuable employee and therefore should maybe make accomodations.

    You might be able to do it if you could have your own office with a door you can close. Maybe you could do it if you can just take a nap. Who knows. Good luck!
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    Thanks for all your advice. At the moment I'll just wait things out, 5 months is a long time and a lot can change. Even though I'm so sick right now it's hard to imagine getting much better. I have been through so much to get that job, they employ 20 graduates from all over Australia each year and to get the job I had to go through 5 stage selection process (interviews, tests, assesment centres, even seeing a psychologist!!). I never mentioned during that time that I had CFS, nobody asked me anything about my health and at the time I was in remission so there was no need to say anything. I'll do my research in the meantime and if worst comes to worst and I'm too sick to work in 5 months, I won't give it up without a fight. As they say, hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.
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