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    I quit. I turned in my two weeks notice today. Interestingly, my supervisor seemed to be stunned when I handed her my resignation letter. I also gave a copy of my letter to her supervisor (the CFO) who seemed a little surprised, but also saddened.

    I decided not to file a rebuttal against the insubordination charges beccause: 1)The CFO bought everything my supervisor said, so there's no use in providing in writing what she would've found out had she given me the opportunity to defend myself, 2)I refuse to sink to my supevisor's level and bad mouth someone because it's expedient to do so, and 3)I was leaving anyway, so the rebuttal wouldn't matter. In essence, I'm taking the high road.

    My plan worked. I called my old news director, and I got my old job back. The thing that really made me happy (and what eased my mind) was that he told me what a nice, competent worker I was, and that everyone at the station liked me. That's a welcome change from someone disparaging my professionalism and my spirituality behind my back.

    So, nink, and everyone else, I'm moving up and moving on. The CFO wants to meet on Monday to discuss my resignation. I haven't decided if I'm going to agree to meet with her or not. No matter what happens, I'll keep everyone posted.

    I wish everyone a pain-free and restful weekend.


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    You go girl! Danisue
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    I was fired for "insubordination", which was rubbish. However I do believe you should go to your exit interview and in a very professional way tell your boss exactly what went on and why you are leaving. At least that way your ceo will know what your supervisor is like and you might save someone else from going through what you went through. Good luck with your new job.
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    I don't know that I'm going to stay anything about what happened during my exit interview (that is if they have one). You don't want to give the impression that you're leaving the company a bitter person. Besides, if the CFO was so interested in finding out what really happened, she would've asked me BEFORE this situation escalated.


    I'm not starting the new job right after my two weeks notice. That wouldn't be wise. I'm moving, so I'm taking a week off before I start my new job. I need to rest my body and my mind.

    Thanks to everyone for their kind words and encouragement through this fiasco.
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