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    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 3 years ago, and have not been able to work due to lack of conentration, fatigue and pain. I volunteer one day a week for 4 hours which is my time limit for returning home to rest. I need a part-time job, one that is very flexible with day/hours worked (I have a hard time getting out of bed, and have 1-2 really bad days a month where I do not leave my bedroom). I would prefer to have a work-at-home position - I have computer and customer service skills. I have a college degree and am a quick learner. Does anyone have any ideas on jobs that would cater to my needs?
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    I really need to figure out something part time also. My Dr suggested taking a class on medical insurance billing, this field will always need people. He said you can work part time, flexible hours, and it's a desk job so you're not on your feet. You might want to check it out. Our Junior College has classes for it, but my brain fog is usually so bad that I doubt I'd remember anything! Not to mention, it sounds so BORING!

    My problem is that I can get hit w a fatigue/weakness crash at any time and without warning. When this happens, I HAVE to lie down or I will fall down! Not a very good quality for a prospective employee, I can't imagine trying to hold down a job. I guess it would have to be something that I could do at home like you were saying.

    I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering and I only worked in the field for around 8 yrs before quitting to be a SAHM. A few yrs after that, the FM/CFS/Depr hit and I haven't worked since.

    Disability isn't avail for me cuz I haven't worked in over 10 yrs, is there anything out there that would help me bring in some $$$? My dh took a big pay cut a couple of months ago, so we're in dire need of more monthly income.

    Come on folks, we need some brainstorming here...fog or no fog:)

    In home childcare? After school only, certain ages only. (not for me tho)

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately, but no luck so far. Maybe we just need to Google "part time, at home jobs we can do when we feel well enough, not too complicated for our foggy brains, must be able to do work while lying down at times. Frequent rest breaks required, high pay, excellent benefits". Hmm, wonder what would come up???

    xxxooo Hermit

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    There are two legitimate companies that I have personally worked for from home. The both hold customer service positions that require a home computer with Windows Operating System (such as XP) and a home land line. One is called the National Telecommuting Institute, they only hire people with disabilities or health issues. I worked for them in 2006-2007 from my home as an IRS Order Entry Clerk. Unfortunately that particular position was seasonal and very part time but I know they have other positions as well. The other company is called Alpine Access, they do not limit themselves just to those with disabilities.

    If you google either company name, their websites will come up. Either one is great for those with conditions such as FMS or CFS. They are flexible and you only have to work as much as you can handle and from your home, so you can work in your PJ's if you so choose. Hope this helps!

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    My sister has worked for this company for about 10 years. It might be something you could look into.
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    for others that might be asking the same question
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    I'd check for a position as an assistant to someone who would let you work from home - someone who doesn't need you in the office or for specific hours - maybe doing their mailings, answering emails, things like that. Sometimes you can find those jobs on Craig's list - telecommuting jobs. Often they're part time.

    Direct Sales companies are booming right now because they allow you to set your own hours, work when you want and make a decent income.

    Many companies need people to make customer service calls - you could even market yourself to do that - depending on if that is something you're interested in of course.

    Just be weary of any company that asks you to pay anything up front to work from home.
  7. nink

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    The best recommendation comes from the poster who has worked for them. I just wanted to add that I have seen the company discussed and endorsed by several independent sources (can't remember which ones right now, but think one of them was a national news broadcast or program)
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    Liveops and West are both legit work at home companies. They do the infomercial lines and take orders. they also do orders for larg e pizza chains too. Don't know if either is hiring right now. I tried west again a few months ago but they were not hiring.

    I am lucky enough now to be working at home for a large company in the tampa bay area called national magazine exchange. i had to do a two week training on site that was physically hard for me to do because of travel time, but now i literally lay in bed and take calls on my laptop and make pretty decent money. Iwould highly suggest them to anyone in the bay area

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