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    Just wanted to let you know you're right about my daughter....she was dx with Borderline Personality disorder and Bi-Polar.

    She hadn't cut since May of 06....but she did it again around 2 weeks ago.

    She got married in July to a wonderful guy...but her regular doc here has been playing with her meds and was weaning her off of the Seroquel because it caused her to become hypothyroid and she gained about 60 pounds while she was on it. (Not good)

    He didn't give her anything to replace the Seroquel so I knew a meltdown was coming....and it happened. I had to have her husband leave work, come pick me up and we basically flew out to their house which is 25 minutes away at 80 mph on a good day. I think we made it in 15 minutes!

    She and her hubby stayed with us the first week after we took her to the psych and the ER to get fixed up and he took last week off of work to be with her then too.

    He also has a 5 day weekend this week with the holiday and he took today off to take her back to the psych in Heidelberg.

    She's doing well on the Risperadone so far and the doc is being very careful with her dosage.

    Jodie, please be good to yourself. Find time to make it to those deserve the time for healing.

    I know you have a lot on your plate with your son's injuries and I know he means the world to you....

    But you can't take care of anyone else if you don't take care of YOURSELF first.....

    Heal, grieve, get angry...but go to those classes, please??

    Hugs and best wishes,

    Nancy B
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