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    i posted to you yesterday morning about your case but i don't think you saw it by the time you logged on.

    i was asking you if your disability is u.s. or canadian but
    from the recent post it seems u.s.

    i'm new to the board so i'm not aware of what has happened w/your case until recently. do you mean it took over a year to receive funds?

    i, too, have a son and am a divorced, single mom. you mentioned your son's $. i'm a bit confused: is this related to your disability claim?

    glad to see results!! please fill me in on a few pieces of the story pleaze!!!
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    sorry i didn't see the post i haven't been sleeping well's nearly 5 am here in california and i'm stillup from yesterday...anyways.

    i qualify for ssdi, meaning i have enough credits earned from's different than case is here in the united states...

    i know when you receive ssdi they give you so much extra for having a child...there is your money and then your son's money. you can still have control over their money by being the payee, i think that is how i have it set up...i have it going directly into my own acct. so from what i understood i will need to keep track of what i spend his alotted amount of money on per month. the lady at social security said it would be easier to keep track if i put it into an account in cody's name on the account...i very well do that then i need to give social security the account number to direct deposit it. i can set it up so that he may not draw any money out unless i sign for it. i may take it out anytime without his approval. but the money needs to used for cody such as rent, food, sports, allowance, entertainment for him from what i understood...

    i do not know if you qualify for ssi you get extra for having a child...i imagine so.

    and this is all related to my ssdi case...i won a closed case, basically juge at hearing thought i must be better since my divorce was done and i had shoulder surgery...what a mess..

    so i had the hearing date on july 8,2004...found out from my attorney within a week after the hearing that i won my case but it was for a closed period only ending spet.2004...meaning if i could not still go to work i would have to start the whole process over from square case...

    this time i won on the first try, but still waiting for the award letter and the moeny to be deposited...

    back to the old case hearing was on 7/8/04- money was in my account on 1/21/05...for my funds...then you have to go done to ssa office and fill out paperwork into regards of getting the low down of how you can spend your son's money and set it up ect...

    i hope i answered your questions....oh i just recieved my son's apportionment 11-3-05 in my account. it has been a battle to get it paid off in full due to me....

    ssa said i had an overpayment because of my worker's comp ensation check, but they goofed up and didn't enter in the correct check amount so my understanding i should not have to repay the 2,400 dollars they goofed up on because it was their mistake and not mine...good thing i had an attorney...

    so they were delaying paying my son's funds to me because of that...but they also said i could not use that money to payback anything from his i said then why are you not releasing the funds to me so i can pay rent and not get evicted since i am allowed to use it for's funny how you have to tell them how desparate you are, andi mentioned to them that i had contacted my congressman's office and they will be following up on this as well...

    well thank god i did receive the funds from 2004, now i am waiting for the most recent case to send me my funds...i wonder how long this is going to take now i guess i was approved on september 15th, 2005....i now last time they told me it could take any wheres from 1-5 months to get my money...well mine took 6 and half months from the hearing date...i know the letter from judge dated in the month of october at the end of it was about 3 months from the judges award letter.

    question for you fibrokim, ahave you applied for ssdi or ssi? i hope you have been ruled favorable...if you have.

    i need or should get off the computer and take a nap...they took me off all of my ad's and no sleeping pills....and wiating for a different medication to get approved from insurance to start that one....well i can not do w/sleep any longer so i really want to set apt today at urgent care...or check to see if they have script on file at pharmacy for the lunesta....

    well good luck and talk to you soon

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    This is totally off topic, but my name is Jodie too. I keep seeing my name and realizing it is not for me. Its a strange feeling, being that I haven't known many Jodie's in my life. LOL
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    i seriously thank you so much for responding to me in spite of the fact that you haven't had any sleep. ya know, i've had fibro symptoms for many years and just in the past 3 months i can add sleeping troubles to the list. not every day by no means but enough for it to be worried about. i don't take anything for it.

    anyway, how old is your son? and did this all start out with your should problem then evolved into a fibro issue regarding disability? what i mean to ask is, did your ssi come about from not being able to work due to your shoulder, fibromyalgia or both?

    no, i haven't applied for ssi. believe me, there are days when i just push myself all day through. terrible. i'm afraid of going through the process, afraid of how little income it may be, etc. but i've been having the thought travel thru my head now and again.

    it's turned cold here (snow flurries today, snow on thanksgiving for the first time this season) and so now that means more flares. when summer (which absolutely deflates my being) ended and autumn began, i was elated! i was out walking, feeling so much better, so energetic and at ease. now i've got the winter months that trigger so much in me. weird, past 2 days the BOTTOMS of my feet ache a lot. another new wonderful symptom....

    i just sometimes don't know which way to turn. keep on plugging and pushing myself to work (sometimes it's fine andn sometimes NOT NOT NOT) as much as possible or research a bit on the ssi, if just a temporary help for me.

    i surely hope you got your zzzzzz's!! that's horrible. i'm so glad this board i said i'm new to it and have not known a soul with fibromyalgia!! i see i am not alone, that's for sure.

    look forward to your reply whenever it's feasible for ya!!!

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    no problem, in fact pop in and chat any time you'd like!!! :)

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    i have jsut got on the board today,,haven't slept yet tonight or shoudl i say last night..
    id did wake up alot last night,,,i went to bet at about 6 am or later...then up and down all morning long the finall lugged my butt out of bed...thank god my son is at his dad's house..

    i think you asked how old he is, well he is about to turn 16 years old on december 21st...i will be turning 41 years old on christmas day...i made it another year....

    i was approved for ssdi based on the fact of my shoulders, carpal tunnel, neck and back, buldging discs in the spine throught out, degenarative disc disease, sleep disorder, anxiety and depression....ibs, feet and ankle problems, tnedonitis and bursitis thorught out body....

    and i recall ;you saying the feet hurting so badly in the morning i can relate to that...felt like my feet were being hit with a hammer or in is from my fibro, back and feet and ankle problems...ouch!

    i would suggest to go get them check out to see if you have anything else going with your feet besides the fibro...i have fibro all over my body and which does affect my feet as well...but i need foot surgery in the future, but i am getting the carpal tunnel surgery first....soon...

    well i need to go try to get some sleep and my meds so hopefully i can do my laudry son's coming home earlier today around noon cause his dad took him earlier on turkey day...i was thinking maybe i could relax and get some things done...well sadly i didn't get much done...

    i did get all of my christmas shopping done today, forced myslef cause i knew i was going to be getting my fever anytime from my cold....i run low then it will spike into the low 99's....

    this is the secon cold since the endo f septemeber...i really hate the winter months for that reason...i also have a heridertary blood disease called spherocytosis, means irregular shaped red blood it is harder form me to fight off viruses, ect... they took my speen and gallbladder out to take care of the problems it was giving me..but i swear i catch stuff just going to the grocery store or the bank...

    well i really need to go get tissue now.
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    you poor thing....are you ANY better??? any SLEEP??????

    i can't believe the things you've been through. and, ya know, you are still up and running which is a positive thing for sure!! you went christmas shopping! but perhaps now it is time for need to do this.
    though i do admire your determination to get things done. even if it's not that big giant plan you had conjured up for the day (i.e. lots of laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc.), we've got to give ourselves credit for getting to half of it. there are days when we simply cannot 'do it all'.

    got home from work last night (worked just 4p-8p) and my feet finally got the best of me! i cried and cried, took a pain pill. nothing. luckily my son, hunter (7.75 yrs old!) was at the new harry potter movie w/my brother and not at home with me cuz i'll tell you i was ready to go to the ER. serious. i got up and took another pain pill cuz this wasn't helping one iota. this one did, and i slept thru until 7am.

    i think i've figured this new foot mystery symptom out. thanksgiving we woke up to snow, maybe 4 inches. so when it was time to leave at noon to go some relatives house, i didn't have snow boots on but did have on closed shoes w/2" chunky heel. underneath just thin cotton black socks. while my son and i brushed off the car, i was standing in and around snow so those shoes probably got so cold and there you go, a major flare in the bottoms of both feet. this morning they're fine which is a Godsend.

    from now on, i'm going to be in warm boots always because i cannot take another chance again. it was absolutely awful.

    so when do you go for the carpel tunnel surgery? is it in right or left? what will you do after that surgery? i mean, what comes next? i have degenerative disc in my lower back which is so painful at times. i practically live with muscle gel on my body! i carry a tube around with me. not like that ends that pain but it helps a bit as does a hot shower. i really do think that is the new, popular perfume of this website!!!

    all for now, jodie. you get plenty of peace and quiet, sleep and rest, chicken soup and fluids. okay?? will talk soon. :)