jodieplacequestion about your SSD or anyone who applied twice

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    I was reading a response to a post where you stated that your ssd case was closed and you had to wait 2 months and reapply. Did you have to like, start ALL over like you had not applied at all?

    I just wondered because I applied, went to work and dropped it, and now have applied once again. When I applied this last time, in NO time, I received a denial letter. Like no records, nothing was checked. However, I did file a reconsideration and they did request my medical records so suppose they are working on it now.

    Again, just curious,

    Thank you and Take Care!

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    od not let up on your case keep going forward with it....
    i have a very odd decision the first time in my favor...

    closed case....file march 2002..went thru the typical denial, denial at reconsideration...then went to hearing 7/08/04...
    my attorney told me when we walked out that she was sure we won our case...i did..she called me back about a week later...said we won our case..judge reite...said since my divorce was done and i had my shoulder surgery he though i should be better to go to work...of course i sighed...and aske waht that meant...

    she said in these cases we take what we can i was approved from 3/02-7/04...closed...and if i am still unabled to work come ocotber 1.2004 i could reapply like everyone does...and start allover on a new case...that is what i did...

    now if i had the chance to do a trial work period...which i didnt formally then i could have asked for an expediated re----thinking of benefits...which i would be approved automatically...and they could make a new decsions////

    anwyas...not my option because of the i applied...and was approved at the initial filing...i did have to go see their dumb so called doctors...but i won...

    jodie and i am what the say is current status pay...

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    I am NOT giving up this time because I am much worse than before; not to mention depression as well. I will probably go the whole 9 yards rather than winning the first time but I'm willing because I just can't work any longer.

    Thank you for responding and GLAD you won!!!

    Good For You!

    Take Care!
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    Be persistent. These disability folks gave my brother with CFS the runaround for years, repeatedly.

    They were different people but used the same delaying tactics of sending a followup mail that demanded documentation from up the whazoo -- within 5 days' time that the letter was sent. Promised not to send this stuff on a Wednesday, then mailed it out on a Thursday, using up a whole weekend of time when you can't reach some former doctor, never mind having all that stuff mailed to you and then back to Social Security.

    Even the lawyer I paid for gave unhelpful advice. Told my brother to use his family doctor. Brother had been jobless, insurance-less, HOMELESS for 10+ years, sure didn't have any family doctor. And no family doctor could diagnosis CFIDS anyhow. Dumb lawyer, but supposedly the best in that state. Kept telling me and my brother to STOP MAILING HIM SO MUCH DOCUMENTATION! We kept emailing and faxing it. Made copies of all emails that proved date it was sent. Faxes have date it was sent. This dating stuff is important! Because, Lawyer made a mistake & filed something late - but all our dated documentation from us proved to the judge that it hadn't been my brother's fault. He won his case.

    So save everything. Everything. Put everything in a box. Make copies and mail them to somebody else who'll keep them for you forever in case you can't remember where you put your copies. Get somebody to help you write your letters, emails, so you can beat this system and get the money you deserve.
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    two different is so messed up right now...but yes i won and i do have is confusing...jodie