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    I have one thought that might help you. My husband's dr put him on testosterone. He was getting depressed, aches, pains, etc.

    They pay more attention to women in menopause but men also have decreased hormone production after age 50, and some can have alot of problems.

    The change was miraculous. Read about "male menopause"

    Low testosterone in men has been found to cause fatigue, depression, loss of concentration, as well as decreased muscle strength and endurance.

    The most common problem associated with male menopause is depression.

    It might sound funny - but it could not hurt you to try hormone injections. My husband calls it his "butt shot" and has one every other week.

    A while back, he changed doctors and they stopped his shots. One day he said to me "I am a burden and want to take $500 and move to Mexico". I realized he had not had his hormone shots for a while.

    As soon as he had his shot this all lifted.

    I know you have fibro, but perhaps this might help also.
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    Amazing. I was diagnosed a couple of months ago and was told my testosterone level was very low. I was given a precription for "androgel" a testosterone cream that you rub on the back of your shoulder. My co-pay alone on this was $60 !

    ( Doesn't sound like a alot but I haven't worked in almost 1 and 1/2 years.)

    I must admit that I have been afraid to try this as of yet.

    I guess I might as well do this tonight.

    Guess it couldn't hurt.

    My car battery was dead this morning so my daughter had to drop me off at my therapist. I had to walk home after my session.

    I must say that after 1 and 1/2 years my muscles have just gotten weaker and weaker and my joints hurt even more. My legs got me home but they were so wobbly that several times I was expecting to just collapse. I wobbled like an old guy and to think that just over one year ago I was bounding up and down stair cases 20 times aday carry luggage and not feeling anything but exercise tired and then I would bounce back within minutes.

    But interesting and coincidental that you would mention the testosterone. I do have the gel...will start it tonight.

    See a neuro-surgeon today also for my compressed discs and fractured vertebrae. The struggle never ends. But thank you so much for getting back personally to me. I really really appreciate it. JB

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