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    I read your post on Deb Smiths...drug source. You mentioned not being able to find a good Central Texas! I have found one--don't know if you are still looking. I have been seeing him for a couple of months now, after meeting all the bad docs, I ever want to experience in a life time. Be happy to give you the info if you want--karen
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    I read your post on Deb Smiths...drug source. You mentioned not being able to find a good Central Texas! I have found one--don't know if you are still looking. I have been seeing him for a couple of months now, after meeting all the bad docs, I ever want to experience in a life time. Be happy to give you the info if you want--karen
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    I did the same thing....I am halfway between Austin and Temple, so I hit Scott & White in Temple thinking---big hospital, lots of good specialist, less traffic, than Austin. Good Gawd! The only thing I was right about was the less traffic part. They sent me from specialist to specialist---you know the drill.
    Here's who I found---thank goodness--I am petitioning him for Sainthood, lol.

    Dr. Robert Thoreson
    11410 Jolleyville Rd. Suite 3101
    Austin 512 346-3657

    This man is awesome! He spent about an hour and a half with me the first appt. and was unbelievable, caring, compassion, and listened! He took an extensive accounting of my med. hist., and symptoms. He was the first doc, that was willing to address my pain, which was a biggie for me.
    He treats with conventional meds/natural/supplements/alternative techniques...
    If you have a suggestion for meds...he will listen---he will experiment and see what is going to work for you the individual. We are working on all my systems that are down, starting with the worse. I am finally sleeping 8 hrs at a time. Hey this doc even called "ME" on the phone, I was help me with a med question.
    I have been seeing him for just a few short months, and you would not believe the change! I just wish everyone could find this kind of advocate--I know what it is like to be desparate--at wits end...oh...btw...his staff is great too!
    Let me know if you call him---tell him one of his deleriously satisfied patients referred ya!
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    Karen, Just as JoeEllen1031 posted, I live in constant pain and have been through all kinds of Docs. I live in Temple and am stuck in the Scott and White system. I don't believe in Dr. shopping, but if the Scott and White dr.s can't run a test and prove it, it doesn't exist. None of them believe in fibromyalgia or cfs. I finally asked the neurologist if he believed in God, Jesus, Budda or any kind of higher power, He replied"Yes, of course I do". When I asked him "why? you can't prove the existance through any kind of testing.", he was tongue-tied! lol Anyway, I'm back to square one. No one can test and find anything wrong with me, and I have been labeled as a psychiatric patient. Whatever. None of my complaints have been listened to and addressed. I was told none of my tests were abnormal and to come back for a yearly physical in March, 2003. Now what? Do I give up and live miserably in pain or do I keep chugging along and see another doctor? Do you feel as if Dr. Thoreson would be worth seeing (all paid for out of pocket)and how long does it take to get in to see him? Thanks for you input, Sonya
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    Lets see...I will try to answer your head is spinning cuz my grandkids just

    It looks like both of you were having the same horrible problem I was. As I said, I went to Scott and White, saw every specialist there---and came away with zip--too.
    No one would diagnose Fibro and Chronic Fatigue. I was in terrible pain, and they would not even acknowledge that, or treat it. I am 45 years old, and I really felt as if I was 80 years old, and dying. I got the depressed diagnosis---which I am not, lol, just ill...and was so discouraged by the lack of treatment.

    Dr. Thoreson is wonderful. As I said before he uses conventional RX meds, as well as alternative. He diagnosed me first visit, was willing to treat the pain, lack of sleep, and started me on the supplements and other meds, I needed.
    I believe I called his office on a Monday, and was in for my hour and half appointment on that Thursday. He is great at seeing the overall picture--and the individual systems that have gone awry--treats the total package. VERY knowledgeable on these syndromes. Very willing to take suggestions, such as meds you would like to try. Very thorough. My pain and sleep problems are being managed by my prescriptions. I take moderate meds daily, and strong med for break thru, pain. Which I only have to take twice a week at most now--and I am feeling much better--with my supplements. I have sleep disorders which are being treated with RX's too. I have found alot of the supplements surprisingly enough, have helped with the symptoms too...I was a disbeliever before I tried them.
    I have no insurance either---and am self pay! But I would do whatever neccessary to keep seeing him. I was literally confined to bed and in severe, untreated pain, total fatique. No one here, in my town or at Scott and White would help me at all.
    He does recommend literature, and one that he recommended was "From Fatiqued to Fantastic" which you mentioned---I bought it, with some of the others, he recommended. There are lots of good suggestions on ALL the pain medications, sleep meds, supplements etc., that can be used to treat FM/CFS, along with the systems that go down.
    I only wish I would have found him earlier---I went through so much money , frustrating stress, and unneccessary pain! before I found him.

    Give his office a call--the staff is real nice too.
    Hope this has helped, Best Wishes

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    Karen, just got back to the computer and saw your message. I'm at the place where I have to decide to stay in bed and accept the pain and fatigue, or keep fighting to get better. It's discourging at best. Somedays are better than others. I just wish for five minutes all doctors, family members and friends could feel what I do every moment of every day. Maybe research and funding to fight our dd would increase and we'd find a cure. Anyway, your post was very supportive, encouraging and positive and I appreciate your help sooooo much. I'm off to call the doc. Wish me luck!
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    You keep fighting girl! I know where you are, and where you've been. I threw in the towel a couple of times, got fed up, and let a week or so pass by-- just gave up. Not within my nature though. Laid there--and got mad, and determined all over again!
    I am sure there will be times in the future--that I get discouraged, but I am going to keep on fighting!
    You've got my support! Keep on!
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    Hi Karen.. My name is Betty. I am new to this board and just came across your info about the great Doctor in Austin. I have a dear online friend who happens to live in Austin, just a short distance from this Doctor. She would love to email with you about him,as she is thinking seriously of going to see him. I am not sure how to go about getting your email address. I will keep an eye open for your reply on these boards. My email is we are allowed to post it on here. Thanks in advance. Betty
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    karen thanks for you reply about pea and tyrosine. I will get the book From Fatigued to Fantastic. You listed the author as E J Conley but I also see the same title by Teitelbaum. Are there two different books or are we confused about the author. I have seriously been thinking about moving west and the Austin area is what looks best in my searches. Now you tell me God lives there and he can help me. I must be doing something really right because things are starting to point in the same direction. Now if my ssdi just comes back yes then I will be able to do it. Of course that means I will actually have to go thru the stuff in the hse. Am 59 and have lived here for 11 years. That is the longest I have ever lived in a house my whole life and I have managed to throw a lot of stuff in the basement to be delt with later. Im exhausted just thinking about it.
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    Teitelbaum's book is "From Fatigued to Fantastic"....and Conleys book is "America Exhausted"

    Both are great books....

    Maybe I should write a book, "Karen's brain is Fried"

    I will go fix that other post....

    Thanks Karen....
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    I don't mind your friend emailing me....would be happy to talk to her about my Doctor.....he is wonderful, in my eyes...Hey you need to post your arrival here on the will get lots of welcomes, hi's, and support...its a great bunch of people. So I'll begin--Welcome!!!

    that is a lower case "L" in front of tex...not the number one

    Sofy---where are you living now? Austin is a pretty neat city...I live north of it....
    I hear you...I have lived in the same house for 20 years. Scary...what one might discover on a thorough investigation of all the nicks and crannies.
    I don't think this doc can walk on water sofy, lol, but he would stay afloat a darn long time, *laughing*
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    Im in New England now. Do live close to the shore so winters aren't that awful but I'm getting tired of the cold. Spent my first 20 yrs in Calif. Have lived in several southern states and just cant take the humidity so as I search the west things started to narrow to Austin. I'm really hoping to get there late winter, early spring to have a look see. Keep your fingers crossed.
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    Thanks so much Karen2002,
    I live in the Austin area and I am beginng to be very frustrated with my doctor. I go to a doc at Seton NW and feel as though I am not getting everything I need. In November I saw him for extreme pain in my legs. He took lots of blood, gave me a B-12 shot and said see you in a month. The B-12 really helps for a short amount of time. I posted on the board for help after that because my husband and I were going on vacation. I even called right before the trip and begged for another B-12 shot and something to take for the pain. My doc was out that week but the on call doc called in some Soma for me. Not too sure what that is. But NO B-12 shot! Anyway, I am considering a change in doctors. I really was excited to see these posted messages today. Just curious, why is there not a support group in the North Austin area?
    thanks again for posting.
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    Hooray, hooray, hooray!!!!! To Karen and the other Central Texas Fibromites -- THANK YOU FOR THE INFO ON CENTRAL TEXAS DOCTORS!!!! That's one of the main reasons why I joined this board -- to try to find a good doctor in Austin who understands Fibromyalgia. I put a post out once and didn't get a response, but I didn't give up. Today when I checked the site and found that there is more than just little 'ole me in Central Texas with Fibro, I was elated! Of course I'm not happy you all are sick too, but I'm glad I found you today. :) I pray for all of you on the boards. This board is awesome and I'm so happy I could cry! I was diagnosed in 1995 by an Austin Internist, Dr. Karen Hill, who was awesome. Then she left private practice (she said managed care was driving her crazy and broke), and I haven't found a sympathetic doctor (who is also on my insurance plan) since. I went to Dr. Doris Robitaille in Lakeway for a while (and I live in North Austin) because she at least knew what Fibromyalgia was, and she was recommended by Dr. Hill. Then she dropped my insurance plan and I'm currently going to my husband's doctor, who is an extremely nice man but unfortunately Fibromyalgia is not one of his areas of expertise. So I've been searching. I just filed for Social Security Disability and I was wondering how I was going to go through the process without an understanding doctor on my side. In 2000 I had to quit a lucrative career with a large insurance company in Austin due to Fibro, particularly the fatigue and fibro fog. I was a supervisor there, and my employees hung on my every word (as employees do when the boss speaks) but that cuases problems if you're a Fibromite and can't remember what you told someone in their last performance review. Plus I was so fatigued, and my hair was falling out, and I was also suffering from depression. So my husband finally told me I had to quit, and I haven't been well enough since to go back to work. That's my story. Thanks again, so MUCH, for posting Central TX info today. I'm truly indebted to you and I don't feel as alone in this battle any more. God bless you!!
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    I go to my PCP for my CFS (I know, unusual for PCP to be up on CFS/FM), a Dr. William Reeves in the Hill Country Medical Assoc. Building here in New Braunfels and he dx'ed and treats my first he ruled out depression and the like, then did a huge blood workup...I have Thyroid Disease and am going thru menopause, too and he ruled out Lupus, etc., then he decided I had CFS...didn't think I had enough upper body pain for FM (that might be up for later debate)...seems pretty knowledgable about our dd's...I'm on Klonopin for anxiety and sleep, Arthrotec for swollen knees and ankles (that's from joint wear and tear), HRT meds for menopause (from the OB/Gyn) and Synthroid for my Thyroid disease. So far, everytime I have gone to him for help, he's listened and he's helped...I seem to be doing somewhat better...not in bed all day anymore...just need 1-2 hour naps in the afternoon most days, but other than that, I sleep about 6-7 hours at night. If anyone wants to check Dr. Reeves out, let me know and I'll give you his number.
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    Hi Umibear
    I know how you feel. I was very happy to read the posts regarding doctors in Central Texas. I too am glad to know that I am not the only one in the Austin area with Fibro. (NOT that I would wish this on anyone!) I just feel so alone in this. Even my very closest friend at work thinks I am mad at her because I cant function like I did before I got sick. I was wondering if the hair loss is very common. I have lost about half of mine. Fortunately I was born with extremely thick hair so I still have a lot. But I don't understand why my hair is thinner. I continue to work downtown and it is getting harder and harder to keep this up. I need another five years to retire with the state. I don't think my current doctor would help me get early retirement. Also, I don't always feel bad. So, if I were to apply for early retirement, would I have to be "sick" all the time and give up my lifestyle? My husband and I travel as much as we can. I really would hate to be house bound for the benefit of early retirement. Oh well. I take it one day at a time and am very thankful for the days I feel good. Wish we could start a monthly support group here.
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    Wow, Maria, you and I have some things in common. First, the hair loss. Through research I've found it's a fairly common Fibro symptom. I've seen it discussed here on the boards too. It might be due to our poor circulation. But no one seems to know for sure, and I've asked several doctors about it, including a dermatologist. They all say the same thing. First they check to see if your thyroid is off. I've had my thyroid tested many times because of my hair loss inquiries to docs. The results are always normal. Then they look to see if it's "female male-pattern baldness" that's primarily genetic, or if it's that rare hair loss condition that causes your hair to fall out in a specific pattern of little cirles or clumps(alopecia, or something like that). For Fibro people it's usually none of those things, although if you've never had your thryoid checked you should probably go ahead and do it to rule that out. My hair loss was so bad at first that I had to wear hair pieces to cover it and I was too embarrassed to get my hair cut because my hair would fall out in the sink and distress the hairdresser. I still have no answers but have learned to cope with it. Be thankful for your thick hair!!

    Next, my husband works downtown for the State too! I don't know anything about early retirement at the State for health reasons, but it wasn't an option for me where I worked. I'd worked there 20 years but am only 44 so was not close to retirement. Finally, my husband and I also love to travel! We've been to Israel and a lot of the National Parks (we love the outdoors) across the country. Travel is one of our hobbies, and we still do it although not as much anymore. Most of our travel was done before my Fibromyalgia got so severe, but I can still handle a little travel if I'm careful. I don't know how disability insurers would feel about this, but thanks for bringing it up. I'll think about it.

    Yes, we need a support group here in Austin. But until then if you'd like to chat one on one with me, my email is: Hang in there, and don't let that friend at work bother you. We Fibromites are poorly understood, and for the most part other people really can't help it that they don't understand our illness. We look "fine" on the outside, so they expect the same results from us. It's only natural. All you can do is your best and to be happy with your effort (after all, only you know how hard it is for you) and try to explain your condition to others when it's appropriate. When I was working I kept a good article on Fibromyalgia in my desk and gave it to coworkers who were struggling to understand my condition. I think it helped. Take care!
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    I am amazed by the number of and around the austin /temple/new braunfels area! I am north of Austin almost a 2hr. drive....have to come that way on the 23rd, for my Good Doc appointment. Hi Ya Sandy, Maria, and Umibear, and 1Writer!!!!

    Hey, there are some support groups in Austin...I think I saw them on this site you guys...if you live in Austin proper, you might want to check them out.

    YellowRose, are you still following this thread?
    I think I saw the same neuro at Scott and White, that you saw---gotta be, by your description, lol...
    Do you know, that there is a doc at Scott and White, that I just saw on there web pages that has actually done research and papers on these disorders? Guess they think he's a nut Nobody mentioned him, when I was there. Geez.


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    We aren't allowed to post url's here.....
    The moderator will have to erase it.
    I will put this here to show you how to do it (so it wont be erased) and so others can find it.

    Type in manleycrafts it's a dot com

    Karen ;)
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    Hi guys! I am in Bryan/College Station. I've lived in Texas since May 1999. Before that I lived in Rogers Arkansas for 25 years and before that I lived in Huntington Beach California for 12 years, and I lived in 3 other places between birth and 3 years old. That puts me at 43, LOL

    Also, our insurance is Scott and White, too! I have been seeing a Neurologist here for some additional problems I've been having lately and I was thinking that if he doesn't get a bit busier to figure out what is wrong with me, I'll go to Temple's Scott and White. I'll have to check into the name of the dr that you said has done research/study (can't remember which one you said) on FMS/CFIDS.

    Someone mentioned that you can look on this site to find a support group in your area. Where do I look for that?

    Nice to have met you all : )
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