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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by woohooo, Feb 21, 2007.

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    Today I dared tell an acquaintance/friend about my fibro symptoms, the weakness, the muscle pain, the whole fibro-factor thing.
    Her response confirmed for me that it just may be better to weep alone, to not tell many people about it. She said it is psychological. To me, the pain is so REAL! I lift my arm to open a kitchen cabinet and it HURTS! Is that psychological?!
    Anyway, I've heard about John Sarno's books on the mind/body connection. Anyone ever read them? Tried his method? Did it relieve the pain?
  2. desertlass

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    I read his book for when I had a severe back injury. I told my therapist about his theory, and she said he is only connecting the mind and body one way. The mind doesn't have ultimate control over the body, but they influence each other. The soma affects the pscyhe. So, most of what he suggests boils down to denial and stoicism, in my humble opinion.

    If your arm hurts, it is not your mind that is manufacturing the sensation, regardless of the brain's involvment in the nervous system. Your mind is not just your thinking, but also what you experience in your body, as well, in concert. Don't let anyone armchair analyze and diagnose you. I would say that your acquaintance merely displayed her ignorance along with her concern, and you need not feel compelled to disclose to anyone you don't feel secure with. Many people mean well, and are truly concerned and wanting to see us feel better, but don't let them make you feel crazy, even if they have letters after their name and/or have published a book.

    Hope that helps, and of course, I have only a couple of letters and no book, so what do I know, either?! :)

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