JOINED CURVES......WOW what a good feeling

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by splooofy, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. splooofy

    splooofy New Member

    WOW!! I joined CURVES (exercise facility just for women) with my daughter and I feel soooo good. I am over weight with fibro, type 1 diabetes and many other problems. I have NEVER been one to exercise so I was reluctant to say the least. I have gone 3 times and I have begun to feel sooo much better.

    I take a hot shower at about 9 am and then I go to Curves for the 30 min workout. I have never felt so relaxed and stretched out. I still do have that flu like feeling, aching muscles but not nearly so bad.

    I would have never thought this could happen. Most days I can hardly roll out of bed. It still takes all my effort to get going but I have promised my daughter and myself that I will give it a honest try.

    I am not promoting Curves, it is just the low impact and slow exercise I am promoting. It is not like your typical gym. It is very non stressful and all hydrolic and slow pace workout I am trying to promote.

    I had been taking 4 Vicoden a day. Now I am down to 2 with Advil in between. I also have a lot more energy. I just cannot beleive it. So for those of you that have been thinking about doing some exercise. Do it....start ot slow and easy. It has only been a week for me so I will see how the long term exercise effects me.

    Thanks for listening.

    Hugs Splooofy

  2. bunnyfluff

    bunnyfluff Member

    It was the one thing that helped me most! Glad it is helping you, too! Keep taking it slow & steady.
  3. kalley167

    kalley167 New Member

    this past January and I love it. It has helped me so much. I am glad you like it. I have also lost 20lbs and 29 inches to top it off. I still get really tired and I have bad days I can't go, but it has really made me feel better. I am not as stiff as I was. And everyone is so nice there. Enjoy !
  4. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I've always heard great things aobut the good vibe at Curves and that they are understanding w/ FM/CFS.

    I think exercise is crucial to us all. The key is finding something light enough that doesn't cause a richochet effect, and to ride the wave when the ricochet effect happens until you are you condition yourself better.

    My pain levels go way up if I slack off exercising for awhile. Then I get rebound pain for a bit when I reintroduce it. I'm being specific for those that think they are exercise intolerant in every way. Even if you just rotate your neck and flail your limbs a bit and walk around your room, we can all benefit if we start somewhere, because we need oxygen into all our cells, and cells starve if we stay idle all the time, and we need to move our lymph to get rid of toxins, that's aside from the obvious weightloss, cardio, etc benefits.

  5. splooofy

    splooofy New Member

    Thank you all for your kind replies. So far so good. I went again tonight and I am feeling pretty good. I was really tired and didn't really want to go but I made myself. I am not really good about sticking to things so I hope that between my daughters drive and me trying to stick to it we will do okay.

    Thanks again
    Hugs Splooofy
  6. CinCA

    CinCA New Member

    Glad Curves is working for you! Just remember to take a break if you need it. So happy to hear the news!

  7. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    they will waive th start fees if a person brings in 2 or 3 bags of groceries to help the local Food Banks.
  8. splooofy

    splooofy New Member

    Yes, they had the same special going on for my daughter and I. They only asked for us to bring in 1 bag of groceries for each of us. I thought it was a great deal!

    I think the regular sign up fee is 120.00 in my area.

    Cheers Splooofy

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