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    Hi, does anyone here has hypermobility syndrome? I have joint laxity and this is causing me pain and aches easily. Though I haven't been told I have Hypermobility syndrome, I wonder if it could be it? Little things that I do can cause my joints to hurt. Exercise is really hard as I would hurt for days before I feel 'normal' again. When I feel 'normal', i would get pain here and there again. Any comments and tips? What kind of doctor should I be seeing?
  2. CheerBear

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    Hi, I really hope that someone could help me. I am feeling kinda hopeless in finding an answer. So if anyone has any info that would be beneficial is appreciated. :)
    I would also like to hear from people who has experienced joint laxity and etc.
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    Hypermobility Syndrome is a thing that often goes with Fibro, but it takes a really good doctor or physical therapist to catch this. You may want to read up on hypermobility syndrome and there is one more that few people know about - Ehler's Danlos Syndrome. Try a search on both of those, it's pretty interesting. I see a physiatrist, a doctor who specializes in rehabilitation. And yes, it's very painful. I have a lot of splints that help some, and more drugs than I like to think about. The tendons and ligaments are like rubber bands that are too loose. Unfortunately, EDS is an inherited syndrome. Hope this helps some.