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    i 've been reading and aswering psots for awhile-but this is my first post.i have had sle(lupus) for 16 yrs and fibro 6-7 yrs.i've been having sever joint pain and stiffness for about a month. it has finally gotten so bad that it wakes me up at night.called rhumy and see him tomorrow.i'm afraid it might be the lupus flaring up on me.i guess i can only hope it isn't.
    thanks for listing!
    kathy c
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    I will be sure to say a Prayer for you and your Doctor vist tomorrow, that all will be well, that the Pain your having will pass. I have OA/FMS/CMP and the combined pain from thoes are at a High point today. Hopefully tomorrow, it'll be better, for both of us. ;>)

    God Bless You,
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    hi JKA
    Loopyloo here I have joint and muscle pain and stiffness i just thought that they were all symptoms of my M.E i never realy thought about something else being wrong
    good luck with the doctor kathy
    soft hugs from Loopyloo x
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