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    I've had CFS for 29 years. Last June I started getting swelling of joints and the tissue surrounding them (possibly the tendons). In July I got acute lyme (with rash) and was treated with doxy for 3 weeks. But the joint pain, and swelling have continued and is progressive-- more and more joints are affected-fingers, wrists, elbows, ankles, shoulder and feet so far, and the ones that are affected stay affected.

    In addition to the swelling my affected joints hurt. They have a dull ache all the time, and a sharp pain when I use them. Also, they crackle alot-even the bones in my hands crackle.

    I have been to a rheumatologist and he checked me for EVERYTHING and found nothing. He did find that in my Western blot I had one abnormal finding (Igm P23). So he sent me to an infectious disease doctor. The infectious disease doctor basically blew me off. He said I don't have lyme and my joints don't look that bad to him!!!

    I know lyme causes swelling of the joints, but from what I've read it migrates from joint to joint instead of staying in the affected joint.

    Could HHV6 or EBV be causing this?

    I did start Valtrex in August and I'm due to start Vatcyte this week, but I'm afraid to start Valcyte until I figure out what this new problem is.

    Also, it seems to be more that my tendons or connective tissue around my joints are affected than the joints themselves.

    Does anyone else out there have the same thing? Do you know what causes it and how to stop it?

    Are there any good articles that specifically address joint, tendon and connective tissue problems?
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