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    A guy who has CFS and his wife were having dinner with a couple who were friends of theirs. The husband of the guests asked him, "How're you doing?" "OK," he said. "Pretty good, I guess." (Pause) "Uh......we went out to dinner last night." "Yeah? Really?" the friend said. "Was the food good?" "The food...? Oh...yeah, the food was good. Uh...... really good. We had, uh.....uh...yeah, really good." "Where'd you go?" the friend asked. "Where'd we go?" "Yeah, you know, what restaurant?" "Uh....we went to ....uh, you know that flower...uh...that tall flower, red mostly, uh....with those little sticky things?.....uh...THORNS, yeah, thorns, you know that flower?" "You mean, a rose?" his friend asked. "Yeah, that's it! Exactly!", he replied. Then he turned to his wife and said "Hey Rose, honey, where'd we go for supper last night?"
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    love Rosie