JOKES just for fun, about kids...

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    Over dinner a wife and husband were discussing a party they'd thrown the night before.

    "The Andersons are such an interesting couple," the wife said. "She has an MA from BU and he has a PhD from MIT."

    Their young son, who'd been listening intently while eating, put his fork down in disgust.

    "What's wrong?" asked his mother.

    "You're always spelling, and I never know what you're talking about!" he complained.


    4 year old Brian threatened to run away from home, following a disagreement with his mother. She could hear him upstairs slamming drawers and pulling things from closets as he packed some bags. Finally, he showed up downstairs dragging a couple of suitcases.

    "so" asked his mother, 'where are you going to go?"

    "I'M not going anywhere. I'm not allowed to cross the street by myself," he said. "I packed YOUR suitcase."

    (this one should've been a Calvin & Hobbes comic strip, LOL)

    hope you're laughing!
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    Thanks Victoria. We all need this! Thanks.

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    Thanks for the laugh

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    It is so nice to come online and get a laugh after a long day living w/ this DD.

    At least we can forget for a few seconds!

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    Really enjoyed those...thanks! :)