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    I'm so sorry about Lindsey and I am mourning the loss from the view of a fellow mother of a 21 year old girl who I love dearly . Lindsey was loved dearly too. The Lord loved her so much that she received that ultimate healing and now she is in paradise .

    Still , those of us still on earth are dealing with the devastation of loss. There are so many questions. Why is the big one.

    Lord , please be with all those involved with Lindsey in life and those who helped her transition through that door closed to her on earth and opened again for her with the Lord in paradise. Please hold us all as we as human and fallible as we are , mourn this loss of a beautiful young life.

    Why ? It is enough , although it may not seem like it at the time, to know that You know the answer to that question. For all those involved , let them come to the conclusion that You love them and although we may not understand , You would not allow anything to happen that Your Love cannot cover.

    I pray this all in Jesus Always Loving name. Through a pain in my own heart hurting for those who have had this loss, I pray this. Lord , immerse those that are hurting in Your Loving healing balm .

    Amen and Amen

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    Let me express my sympathies on the passing of Lindsey. It has been and continues to be a difficult time for you and your family. Prayers to all of you to give you strength and to take away the pain.
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    Thank you dear friend! I hope I'm given the right words to help them when we're there for the funeral...or the right hug to let them know I deeply feel their grief and share their loss. God will guide my actions......thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers for this family!