Jolielulu TF's and HHV6 AB

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by spacee, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. spacee

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    Thought I would start a new thread so that any others could find it easier.

    There are two HHV6's..A and B.

    TF System 200 covers both of these plus CMV. It costs about $50 for 30 capsules.

    I have been tested positive for HHV6 but was never told if it was A or B.

    I think it is a great idea to try the TF's and OLE. Watch out when you first start taking cause they might make you ill. I would not start them both at the same time. Also, I would start on a Saturday or some day when I could rest if needed.

    If they make you sick, cut back.

    Both Mikie and I use pulsing. But at the beginning I took the Immune Transfer C for a year because I read you could have improvement for that long. Now I take it Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    The Mycoplus I take Monday nite, Tuesday nite and Wednesday nite.

    Hope that helps!

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  2. blazer

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    Thanks Spacee,
    Good idea and after the holidays will start the mycoplus tf.
    The suggestions are wonderful. These pathogens have to be handled! Good job and continue the support you give on this site.
  3. spacee

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    Your thanks is kind but I really just do this for all the Prohealth discounts. (Just kidding. Don't get any.)

    We are all in this boat together and we've got to keep it afloat for each other.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!


    PS and to any lukers!
  4. JolieLuLu

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    I started Valtex and guess what-Im in bed!! I can hardly lift my arms from profound fatigue. Thank God for my laptop for it is my connection tothe outside world.

    Im getting treatment from FFC. They want me to take TF with the valtrex. What do you think?

    Love and Light,
  5. spacee

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    If you are in bed with Valtrex, I hate to think how bad you MIGHT be with both. I think that they are of the *grin and bear* persuasion.

    You should call them and get their advice, of course. I am a gutless wonder and don't take new things at the same time.

    If you were taking both, how would you know what was causing what? But call them. I would.

    A herx! You are killing something!! Congrats!

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  6. JolieLuLu

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    well, I have eliminated my TF for now. I will cont with the valtrex increasing my dose as per toleration. Ya know.....being sick is horrible from a herx-BUT, i know it is for the best!

    Each day will be different. I wish i could go someplace to HERX where I am totally pampered....

    Thanks again Spacee~
    Love and Light,
  7. spacee

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    I was on the Marshall Protocol for 10 months and herxed alot.
    I found ultram and tylenol to be two of my best friends (smile).

    Hoping you feel better.

  8. JolieLuLu

    JolieLuLu New Member

    a HERX spa!

    oh to dream.....(smile)

    Love and light,