Journal Format - I need your help, please?

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    Most of us patients keep some sort of a journal, or we SHOULD. That is me... the patient that should. BF (Before Fibro) I was a Consulting Programmer/Analyst. So I decided to put my talent to work, and create a little program that would make it easy to enter information, then print it out later. To do this, I need as much input as possible. Do you have a journal? If so, what types of information do you record, and how is it formatted? If you don't, what info would you LIKE to keep and how would you like it formatted?

    This project is not just about recording information, it is about having a purpose, and being able to help others. I truly miss my mind and all that I used it for. Hopefully we can work together to come up with something that is easy to use, and can be presented in a format (or formats) that makes sense. I would appreciate any and all input.

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    I personally stopped journaling quite a while ago. I found myself so focused on being sick that it was impossible for me to be well! Anyway, what i have done is make a chart, of all my symptoms, date of onset, treatment dates, medication with doses or other treatment (physical therapy), and I keep it current. It keeps me in perspective when I see my doctors but I dont focus on the sick part. More of an information for my doctor.

    I am in the market for a new doctor now, one who is on the good doctor list. Unfortunately, when I posed some questions about cost, availablity, etc...I have not heard. But anyway, I will use this chart when I see my next "miracle" doctor.

    Good luck to you and finding your answers

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    Last year I played around with several different formats before I found one that meets my needs. I have four spaces for each day, AM, PM, Evening and Sleep. Then there are boxes to write what I did during those times, or how long I slept for Sleep.

    Since I also need to monitor my BP due to meds I take for NMH I also have boxes for my BP and pulse. Finally I have a box for comments for each period. Here I can note any changes or unusal occurences. I can also note any effects of changing meds.

    I have enough room on each page to keep four days of info. I print mine out, front and back and make copies and then put them in a notebook. Right now I am charting my BP on a spreadsheet since I have increased a med and it is important to make sure it doesn't go too high.
    Hope this helps.

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    Lisa - I guess I did not present my idea correctly. This is not about dwelling on this DD or the pain, it is about creating a tool for those that have "fibro fog" that can be used to accurately document and relay information. I am trying to do something positive for myself and others that find it hard to remember things correctly.

    Thanks Barbara!! That is just the type of information I am looking for. I'll find a way to include recording things such as blood pressure, or blood sugar, or other similar data.

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  6. BluEyes

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    I giving it one more try. Anyone like to have an easy program to log and classify anything such as meds, sleep, foods, appointments, exercise...?
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    Haven't "seen" you for a loooooooong time. Idaho was, as always, beautiful, but our week was much too short. My 11 year old grandson got to go out on the road grader while it was working, which thrilled him to no end.
    I am looking for something that the computer illiterate can use. I have too many reams of paper floating around, what with Social Security, genealogy, and now Gary is going to start selling on eBay. Is there some way to program a calendar into the computer, with space to write on each day? My main problems are muscle spasms, hypotension, and drug reactions. The pain is a given. If you can come up with something, I will use it.
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    SOOOOOOOOO good to hear from you. I haven't been on the board much. I was trying to work, and failing miserably. :-( The good part was I caught the attention of Voc Rehab, and Soc Security... now they can fight over whether or not I can work. In the mean time, I am trying to maintain a positive outlook, thus the program I want to write.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Idaho! We have had a very mild winter, and a brown Christmas. Oh well! I peeked at your profile, what a handsome boy!!! You must be very proud.

    Regarding the program I want to write, I was thinking of something like a planner, where you can enter information in a description field, then select a category from a list that it belongs in. This way, whether it is an appointment, or info on meds, pain, or other groups that you select. Then you can pull up the information by date or category, and eityher view it on the screen or print it. Please let me know what you think.

    Hope all is well with you and yours. Please keep me updated on your Disability, and I will do the same.

    Take care,