Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome anyone read this article?

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    I saw the following abstract notice & wondered if anyone reads this presumably academic journal. Title: Prevalence of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Within Families of CFS Patients (Volume 13 #1, pp 3-13). I thought the summary at the end was very interesting in regard to our families, friends, care givers,neighbors, & those with whom we have immediate contacts.

    The prevalence of CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and chronic fatigue were investigated in family members of CFS patients using a questionnaire-based study.

    Significant differences were seen between the prevalence of CFS in all groups of family members relative to the published community prevalence of 0.422%, (spouses/partners: 3.2%, p < 0.001; offspring: 5.1%, p < .001; parents and siblings: 1.1%, p < 0.02; second and third degree blood relatives 0.8%, p < 0.02.)

    The prevalence of CFS was higher in genetically unrelated household contacts and in nonresident genetic relatives than in the community, indicating that both household contact and genetic relationship are risk factors for CFS.

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    Makes sense to me. I believe DD are caused by 1) a genetic predisposition to impaired Glutathione production, and 2) SIGNIFICANT exposure to environmental chemicals, usually pesticides. Pesticide exposure causes a HUGE CASCADE of Free Radical Damage. If chemicals were used in the home of multiple people/pets, it makes sense that over time, they would begin to develop symptoms of DD.

    And, exposure to chemicals can be transferred prenatally via umbilical cord, or through breastmilk.
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    If I'm interpreting that correctly, then it's a scary thing in that it hints that it is somewhat contagrous, right??

    Thanks for the article.

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    There is a boatload of evidence that CFS IS transmissible to close contacts - at least during the Epidemic of the mid 1980's.

    Drs. Cheney and Bell devoted years to looking for a retrovirus in CFS patients, and ultimately found solid evidence (along with Dr. Elaine DeFrietas) that a previously unidentified retrovirus WAS replicating in CFS patients. Cheney called it a "new dynamic" that had swept through the US at that time and hit the people who were most vulnerable - like other infectious diseases. Even some close contacts of PWCFS who DID NOT develop CFS showed immune system damage.

    That's one theory as to why the CDC didn't WANT the illness to be "real".

    I've recommended this book before, but I'm doing it again for anyone interested in solid, well-documented evidence that the CFS epidemic of the mid-80's may have been an infectious disease. Not to say that it still is, but there was a ton of evidence that something "new" was out there then. If the "genetic pre-disposition" theory is correct, a "new dynamic" could have triggered the epidemic.

    Who knows....?

    - julie (is free!)

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    Right now I'm reading Osler's Web. Had to renew it from the public library as it is slow gowing for my brain + very dense information (altho in a readable format).

    Haven't been reading very easily these pst 5.5 years. I used to do several books per month before I became ill. Now I hardly do any in each year.

    Yes, there is much we don't know. All of us...
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