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  1. Beth37

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    Hi,Everyone,I have been going for therapy.My counselor advice me to start a journal.You may think this queation is crazy,but I am going ask it anyway.How many out there have a journal and what type of things do you write in it? Do you just write down your feelings or do you write down your activities through out the day? Is hard for me to get started.Any advice would help.Thanks! Beth
  2. wle

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    I keep track of my sleep habits...WLE
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    I am also in therapy.My therapist wants me to keep a journal also.I write how I am feeling emotionally a lot.May mention something that happened that day also-doc app.or new medication.Just write what comes to mind.A journal is for you only so keep in mind you are not writing detail for someone else to read.If you are angry let it out and write it fast.What ever you want to do with it is your choice and only you know how it may help.Good luck with therapy.Lana56
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    I started keeping a daily journal 2 weeks ago. My husband & step-daughter went to Barnes & Noble one night (without me..I hardly go anywhere) and he bought me a beautiful journal. I already had a few that I use for Bible Study at home and I wasn't sure what I was going to use it for. One night when I couldn't sleep I quietly sat in my chair while my hubby was sleeping and I started "talking" to my journal. I wrote everything that had happened to me as a result of FM & I was feeling each day, what my pain level was, any thoughts that came to my mind I wrote down. It felt so good just to get all my feelings out because a lot of times I don't tell anyone how much I hurt or how sad I am - the journal is now one of my "best friends" !! Once you start writing in yours you'll see what I mean.

    Good Luck, Beth!
    You're in my Prayers

    Love - Lex
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    Hi Beth,
    I started journaling a couple of weeks ago.
    Started because I am working on eating healthier and
    add exercise to my daily routine.
    Some days I write alot. Pretty much a summary of my day and how I felt etc..
    I use a key system to note the weather,
    my mood,pain and fatigue level.(1-10)What meds I've taken,
    food intake & exercise.
    If I am too tired or short on time I just note the weather
    draw my mood face, P-level and F-level on a calendar that I
    printed out for each month and stapled to the inside cover of my journal which is just a spiral notebook.
    I enter these things on the calendar every day so it will
    give me a total picture of a week or the month on one page.
    Keeping my journal by my recliner is the best place for me
    to get in the habit of journaling. Good light,comfy chair and always keep a pen or pencil with it plus a bookmarker.
    I had a really bad night this week with pain and wrote down
    how angry and sad I was about this DD. I even angrily scribbled all over one page and it actually helped to calm
    me down. Venting is necessary sometimes, one way or another.
    Good luck. Pammy