"Joy Comes In The Morning"

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    "Joy Comes In the Morning"

    After a long day, full of frustrations and stress,
    I look to my Lord for peace and happiness.
    If I've had a restless night and life's troubles
    Seem to look so dim,
    I can put them at my Lord's feet.
    All my joy comes from giving them to Him.

    I may not always be perfect.
    But, I am a true and trusted friend.
    For, I have found the "Joy of the Lord" and
    I can ask Jesus to let their hearts all mend.
    Of all the joys I have found, or ever tried to seek,
    It's knowing the Joy of my Savior
    and with His words I will speak.

    May the Joy of the Lord be yours tomorrow
    and after you've had a long hard day.
    Know that He's there, with joy in the morning,
    For all who believe in Him and pray.

    © 2002 by Nancy Hoback
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    I've already copied it and sent it on.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Regina :)