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    Hi Kiddo

    How are you and Rudy doin'? Hope you had a nice Turkey Day.

    Are you doing a lot for Christmas? I haven't done much for decades. I figure not much point w/ no child in the house.

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    I'm barely thinking about Christmas. I got my stitches out last week. i still have one big purple shiner for an eye socket.

    Thanksgiving was very nice at my home. It was just my hubby, son, and me. I froze the rest of the turkey today. I just get tired of it.

    Rudy hates cats. i'm going to talk to them at Pet smart about their classes. i don't know if they have one for going spastic around cats!

    I'm keeping Christmas so low-keyed because I'm going to be finding out if I still have more cancer sometime between Christmas and New Years. I have to get a bunch of tests done during this time frame. My next endo. appt. is around the 7th or 10th of Jan. I don't want to deal with a huge amount of Christmas stuff to take down after Christmas is over. I think I'm going to be focused on the next step in my treatment. I keep hoping all the cancer is gone, but I'm also realistic. My TSH is still frightenly high. It is telling my body to reproduce thyroid cells as fast as possible.

    So I know I may get a bad report at the end of Dec. I'm doing my best to compartmentalize this issue. I can't sit and dwell about it; there is nothing I can do to change whatever the results are. So I go about living.

    I'm altering Rudy's coats because they used to be Gretchen's. Gretchen was a pure bred schnauzer, her rib cage was totally different than Rudy's.
    He has a much thinner skeletal framework than Gretchen had. I'm only altering the coats that are unisex. I'm giving away the ones that would be considered feminine.

    I'm almost positive that Rudy is a schnoodle. His face and legs are schnauzer, but his trunk is far more indicitave of a poodle's body. His coloring is like a schnauzer's too. The trunk of his body is tight curls like a poodle.

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    Five Sue.

    Haha, a schnoodle. Sounds like something meine Deutsch grossmutter would have eaten mit sourkraut and pork roast.

    What's this about your eye, Joyfully? I don't remember a post where you mentioned that. You didn't appear on the Jerry Springer show did you?

    Sorry there is all this uncertainty about those tests right now. I will do like Lucy and cross fingers, arms, legs etc. Unlike Lucy, I can't cross my eyes.

    I think your warm and wise posts must be of great comfort to some folks on these boards.

    Ha det bra

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    Oh, my "eye" episode.

    1AM. I'm buzzing down a side street in the neighborhood taking Rudy for his final pit stop of the night. It is quiet, the stars are shining brightly, I'm probably going about 5.5 to 6 MPH on the scooter with Rudy running along on the grass between the sidewalk and the curb. I'm driving down the street near the curb.

    When suddenly I get this huge tug on the leash from a 90 degree angle from the direction I was going. Rudy saw a cat, didn't bark, and took off after the cat at about 9 mph. I was propelled off of my scooter and hit the street with my face and rt. hand at the same time. I broke off one of my front teeth, I had to get stitches in my upper eye lid. They thought I had fractured my face so I had to get a CAT scan. (no pun intended!)

    I had to get several X rays to determine if I had fractured ribs, hands, knee, etc.

    I was dripping blood and had to catch the dog. I didn't look in the mirror when I got home, I just reached in and grabbed a hand towel. I woke my hubby up and told him we had to go to the ER. I must have looked pretty bad because they took me immediately into an exam room.

    I got my stitches out Monday. I have to wear surgical tape for another week.

    Funny thing was, I had an appointment at PetSmart with the trainer for that very day to find a leash system for Rudy that would keep him from pulling on me so hard.

    They used glue on my lip but had to stitch on my eyelid (5 stitches). I was lucky that my dentist took her lunch hour to make the bottom part of my tooth that same day! She did an excellent job.

    My face is black, purple, cranberry, green, and yellow colors now. The cuts in the elbow are beginning to heal too. The right side of my body is really banged up.

    My rheumy started me back on prednisone yesterday because of all the joint trauma to my body.

    What some people won't do for attention!!!!!1 Ha, ha.