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    I think I remember you telling me in another post that you work directly with people that are doing the guai protocol. I know (I think)that the length of time that it takes to cycle is different for different people. Worst case scenario, what is the longest period of time that you have seen it take people to get better? I don't plan on having the worst case, but I've always been taught that it's always better to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

    I'm still reading the book. I have a long way to go......
    I'm not far enough in it to really understand all of this just yet. I'm trying to actually process the information as I go.

    Thank you and bless you for doing what you do!
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    Dear MrsJethro

    I realize that you have not finished reading the book yet. I had to read the book three times at first before I could comprehend the theory and how to get started.

    A cycle is the time where deposits are being pulled out of the body for elimination. At first this usually involves increased body wide pain. As time goes on cycles are more site specific. Everyone's cycles are different. Unintentional blocking can interrupt a cycle. A large area being purged can take longer to cycle out than a smaller one.

    A cycle lasts as long as it lasts. No one can give you a specific time limit. Some people are fast responders and some people are slow responders. This is where a simple symptom journal can come in handy.


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