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    Good Lord, ive gone and deleted the thread where i posted my photos.

    I wanted to delete only the first page where i had given the web addy since
    I thought all here who wanted to see, have already done so. but the whole
    thread just disappeared!

    Im sorry.

    I had written a long post also and that also went poof!

    anyways, i wanted to say i had tried healing on my dog Tommy and was
    really excited when it worked after one hour of healing. he was feeling
    very down, head drooping, stomach caved in, difficulty in walking and
    drooling mucus. I know he was in pain (has stomach chronic issues, being very
    old and all). Towards end of healing he perked up, started moving around.
    He hadnt eaten al of the tiny bit of bread i gave him, but after healing
    he asked for his lunch by barking and gobbled up the rice and lentil/veggies
    i gave him. when i was giving energy he kind of would stretch/move the
    part that was being targeted and then start dozing off. when i stopped he
    would look up at me.

    when i finished the healing, (my arm was tired),he got up, all sparky and
    asked for his lunch and then wagging his tail trotted off down the stairs.
    it was a huge motivater to keep me at this. i am very pleased.

    i had wanted my daughter too to take the healing course, but its not available
    here when she will be here next. the teacher said the courses are now available
    to be learnt at centers in every city in the world. but i know it will be horribly
    expensive in boston being as it is in usa. here they take into consideration it
    is a poor country and structure the fee accordingly. anyways im sure if we
    want it, it will happen.

    I have to take niece for her check up this afternoon. the meds must have
    kicked in. she has gone to the other extreme. doesnt talk much. only answers
    questions, but is smiling and serene. she still wants to do journalism in college
    and we will probably have to start looking into that. she has not been out of
    the house now, no running away, no discos. what a relief!

    all take care

    God Bless
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    Spring - I think I've done that before - deleted a whole thread while trying to change only the first post. That's how I learned it erases it all. Too bad about your nice long post being lost.

    I'm feeling so thrilled that you were able to heal Tommy of his gastric upsets - poor doggie. How wonderful that he felt better, and was out of pain and able to go eat. It is so extremely comforting to bring relief to our pets.

    I remember when I was a teenager, and my dog was acting frantically, nervous, pressing against me, not eating, and trembling all the time. I finally figured out it was the firecrackers in the neighborhood revving up for the 4th of July.

    I took her down into the basement, and turned on the dehumidifier as a white noise to block out sound. Then I put cotton in her ears, and wrapped her head in a scarf. She finally found relief from the tormenting noise, and fell asleep, soothed, with her head on my lap. It was the first time I stayed home from the fireworks.

    I can still feel the satisfaction of bringing her relief, figuring out what she needed! There wasn't much of that in my house, so it was a great experience to figure out how to do it all by myself. No one else had really noticed.

    But your pranic healing has been validated by helping your dear doggie. I just feel, Spring, that it is a majorly important thing for you! Do you incorporate what you learned with your meditation and deep breathing practices? It just fits in so well with your strengths that you've developed already in life. But more advanced and focused.

    I was so very deeply touched by your daughters mother's day message to you! Besides being funny, she saw you so well, so clearly, and honored and valued your strengths and the beauty of your character. I was smiling and teary at the same time - so very happy for you. And to say that you couldn't have given her a happier childhood, I still get teary at that. That is a validation that I would treasure and hold on to for the rest of my life.

    Rainbow - your pone devil always makes me laugh, rolling in the dirt right after being hosed. But it made him happy -lol. I'm glad that the fishes started coming back to your pond. How are they doing, I hope multiplying.

    So very glad that you didn't lose your garden to the flooding rains. Be careful of mold buildup in your basement - I'm sure you're aware of that. That's been one of my biggest health problems - it affects the body so much.

    I'm glad that you have knowledge of the chakras, and energy healing to share with Spring. I believe you both are gifted, and are developing and strengthening those gifts.

    I've been trying to figure out what to do with my used books. I've dismantled a large part of my library in what is now my husband's studio. We have floor to ceiling bookshelves on one wall.

    I had so much fun for many years going around to library sales, and used book stores, buying books very inexpensively for many decades. I read through much of Russian literature, English literature, art essays, books of letters, on and on.

    Now we're at a different time in life with different needs, so I'm clearing out, and just keeping the ones that I read again and again. Which counts over a thousand for both of us. I was surprised at the grief that overcame me - it was a grieving that something was over, and I felt and experienced it all, then let go.

    Now I need to research, and go through each book for first editions, etc. to see if they are sellable. Otherwise I'll give them away to libraries. My husband's studio is setting up nicely, I'm so pleased.

    Rainbow - keep writing about your creatures and things on your land. I love hearing those stories!

    Love, Wind
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    What a relief that your niece is out of that manic, out-of-control state. Poor darling - suffering so much from a crappy chemical inbalance. Oh - it's so good to hear that she's smiling and feeling better. God bless her!
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    yes, my daughters mothers day message to me was something i shall treasure forever.

    I can imagine how wonderfully soothed your doggie was when you took care of her
    during fourth of july. we have a similar festival here with firecrackers and i remember
    the dogs at my inlaws house always being so frightened. they were not allowed in
    so had to stay in their kennels.

    here i havent noticed them being frightened so much except for tinku. maybe because
    she is young and isnt used to the noise now.

    i was leafing thru my advanced pranic healing book and saw several references made
    to Qigong which you mentioned. this is interesting. I hope you will persevere with
    the technique. it seems just the thing to help those such as us. who need healing
    not just of the physical self but of the inner self as well. i always was fascinated
    by the movements of the Tai chi practitioners, their movements so controlled,
    so serene. These ancient arts are wonderful indeed! a gold mine to be explored,

    all those books. all that knowledge they have imparted. no wonder you seem to
    have a deep well of quiet knowledge within you; and are so understanding and embracing
    of ideas, concepts. but yes, we have to let go when we are done with some of them.
    I too have always found that hard.

    today i was mostly okay but slightly drained after the appointment. meeting up with
    my family seems to do that on an unconscious level. maybe memories of past grievances
    getting triggered. my brothers still make me very angry from time to time, mostly because
    of financial matters. they still try to dupe me every way they can. and then the healing
    work i do on myself seems to unravel and bring me back to level one. this is what I have
    to understand. that problems will always be there. but i must get strong enough not to
    let it affect me.

    yes, the meditation is a big part of pranic healing. we have been given a cd by
    Master Choa Kok Sui in which he guides us. it is called TwinHearts meditation and
    is supposed to be extremely beneficial for all sorts of problems including depression.

    in it, we imagine a white light descending from the crown chakra (light from the divine
    one) and coursing through our hands and then we extend our hands and imagine a
    small earth in front of us and radiate that light towards the earth and ask that
    the earth be blessed with healing and joy. the meditation lasts 22 mins or so. we
    also chant ohm and listen to the silence between the '' ohms'. this meditation is
    supposed to bring down so much energy that we are always made to do physical
    exercises for some mins before we do that meditation so that our blocked chakras
    are made free to receive the prana flowing in otherwise we get sluggish with all
    the surplus energy. after the meditation in which we also pray for loved ones and
    whoever, whatever we want, we again exercise.

    we were also taught to incorporate breathing pranayama exercises, anulome vilome
    and kapalbhati with the healing to keep our bodies and minds at optimum levels.

    i was told that if i am still in a very depressed state not to do this meditation
    more than twice a week or it will overwhelm me. also people with hypertension
    and pregnant ladies are not do do this meditation. because the extra energy
    could be harmful.

    God Bless

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    Rain - you must be looking forward to the time when all that gardening bears fruit.
    And your garden will be lush with flowers fruit. Not that the preparing of it isnt fun.
    In fact maybe just as much or more, preparing the soil, clearing out the beds, planting.
    everything about gardening is so good for the soul, well maybe not the occasional
    bushy orange caterpillars one encounters who make one break out in itchy rashes.

    i dont know how many little critters of the wild you have rescued and restored to
    health; you must appear as Mother Natures Angel to these woodland creatures.
    The Pranic Healing Center taught us that if everyone in the world practises love
    such as this, the world will be a paradise here on earth in 150years with the power
    of all that love radiating out and healing the earth.

    Yes, we were taught to picture ourselves too during the meditation and also others.
    I have done so, even some on the board here. But for active healing we have to
    expressly ASK permission from the other and get their consent. I of course want
    to make myself strong and healthy first before i start doing that, because the stronger
    and healthier one is the less chances of contaminating someone else even when
    the intention is good.But it is my goal. To use this healing for as many beings as is
    possible. And of course to heal myself.

    Judy - yesterday at the doctors my niece was so changed from the hyper, rude,
    manic girl she was. The doctor knows how much trouble she was since she tried
    to escape from the 'home' twice, once even spraining her ankle jumping from the
    first floor window at midnight and leading the centres workers on a wild midnight
    chase right down the hills into the valley where they finally caught up with her
    outside a hospital. Even more disconcerting, when the workers tried to catch her
    she started shouting to the hospital staff and passersby that she was being
    molested. By Gods grace, someone from that hospital knew the volunteer from
    the mental centre and she was returned to the home. yes, a lot of trouble.
    but its right now over.

    the doctor was smiling at her, joking and she smiled and joked back.

    God Bless