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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JaciBart, May 21, 2003.

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    I was reading about your sleep problems and the paxil, I was wondering if you are going to make it over to see Madwolf???

    I really love him managing my care, I have not yet ever had any problem with him understanding my needs, I have so much input over what I take, how much, he lets me try new things when I want to, I really hope you can switch to him. I know it is a long drive, I have to drive 3.5 hours to get to him too but I certainly is well worth it.

    Why does your doc not rx ambien for you????

    It is so ridiculous for you to suffer with any of our typical fibro problems when there are docs out there like Madwolf to help you live as normal of life as possible.

    I am doing so much better now under his care than I have ever yet with fibro. I have only had it for a year now but I am so much better off these days with Madwolf than before.

    I would be happy to put you up overnight or whatever time you need, I am probably not on your travel route tho but if I can do anything to help I certainly will.

    I would meet you and go with you, my next appt is 4 wks from this past Mon at 1:30.

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    I have been so happy for you and have been following your progress. Where exactly is Madwolf? My doctor does give me ambein but the cost for me is a real issue. 15 for $48.00! So I do save these for really, really bad nights.
    My doc has been very wonderful about giving me the oxy for pain. His co-worker who was on call while he was out and was withholding the pain meds. Doctor, was very upset when I told him about this and chewed PA out. My doc will not give Klonopin but is willing to try other things. Tonight he gave me busbar to try and was not happy with my dessision to take paxil...so will hold off and give the busbar a try. Sujay is really in my neck of the woods but not taking new patients. He did say he would phone consult with my doc. what a sweetheart.
    For now i will stay closer to home but am so happy for you! our doctors need to be our advocates and Madwolf is indeed that!
    BTW, is Madwolf cute??? he sure has a cute personality.
    best of luck and thank you for your generous offer and hospitality. was hoping you and craftyjody would have hooked up last week.
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    but I guess that is not a big thing to me, I used to be quite the hotty until I gained 75 lbs and got this dd so I am finding out what it is like to be a frumpy middle aged woman. I don't get out of speeding tickets anymore.......

    Madwolf is just out of Spokane a few miles, he is in Deer Park, I am in Tri cities down by the Oregon border, I drive to see him, I usually have to leave home about 10 am & get home about 7.

    Fibro fog today, ummmmmmmm, did I answer all your questions, you are not the first to ask if Madwolf is cute, he is a great guy, very compassionate, truly understands this illness.

    I am by no means well, I have good progress and my pain is managed better than ever but don't think I will be our running marathons, I still am home bound for the most part due to fatigue, not much stamina, I do my errands each day if I have any and do my puttering at home, I am doing a lot of wallpapering these days and currently I am making a hanging pot rack for my kitchen out of an old antique "buggy" wheel. It is pretty much my world to just play like I am Martha Stewart at home, tomorrow my hubby & I are going antiqueing about an hr & a half from home in Pendleton, Ore, it will be the first time my hubby as ever gone antiqueing with me, lately I have been complaining a lot that he "never does anything with me" so he is placating me, that is good, I'll take it.

    Sorry for the rambling, anyway, good luck on your sleep issue, I know how hard that is.

    Have you looked up the gabatril, xyrem and also the natural gaba????

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    you have been wallpapering and making a pot hanger! I am in awe with your energy. the thought of just trying to pick out wallpaper is overwelmeng. I have been very fatigued lately. actually for as long as I remember! it took me one month to paint an 8x10 room and that was not the ceiling. well gotta run do not feel much like typong or reading today. hi jody!!