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    How are you? Your last post said you were confronting some strong feelings since when you were very very young. Has it become a little easier?

    I wanted to ask you something about essential oils. Did your doc recommend any specific oil
    which helps release embedded negative feelings like anxiety, pain, fear, helplessness?

    I went to this New Age Bookstore (one of my fav haunts in the city) and found they have a variety of essential oils. I got Patchouli beause id heard about it often and Pine because i have
    always loved the smell and its good for joints.

    I really want to address my insecurity issues because even though everything is seemingly fine
    in my life, (as far as it can be fine for someone who has chronic depression and CFS), besides the normal worries about kids etc..and some issue with siblings...i dont get restful sleep often because i get such vivid dreams...and its always me running away from something or searching for something, or househunting or thinking about what house im living in. Nine out of ten dreams i have has me wondering about the house im living in. And its always my father with me in these dreams nowadays.

    I do worry a lot about having ongoing depression and almost constant CFS which prevents me from being totally involved with all of my clan..own and husbands..and im scared of uninvited guests dropping in because the house might be untidy and smelling of dog..i wondered if a
    particular esential oil could help calm these fears down.

    I got horribly struck down with a serious bout of depression and lethargy, the achy muscle kind for two days...I know it had something to do with hormones because i could feel hot flashes too. Whle i am better now, the unpredictability of these debilitating attacks just makes me feel
    so not in control and vulnerable. A reminder of why I am not out there in the work force like the rest of my friends or volunteering for social work.

    I know it must be these feelings which are expressing themselves in dreams..but they do nothing to help me rest properly.

    Last night i dreamt a lengthy dream in which it was night time and these horde of husbands relatives descended on me on a visit, and there were no lights, and i was frantic...looking for things to serve them, I couldnt even find a light, let alone refreshments. Again it was father with me in that house, not my husband. And father was no help.

    LOl, I didnt mean to whine to you, I know you and most of us struggle with heavy issues which we all try to cope with in our own own ways.

    God Bless You and may your healing continue and one day be complete

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    Spring! Don't ever think you're whining in talking about these issues. Depression is brutal - plain and simple. One of the things I so wish that you had was a social system that understands that depression is an illness, which causes suffering. And that someone suffering from depression should be sympathized with.

    Last night I looked online at the therapeutic oils. Look for 'Young Living Aromatherapy'. There are quite a few web-sites there with information. This is the first time I've checked it out. I'm supposed to be looking for a comforting response that I associate with childhood. That would be for me something with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg - reminding me of my Grandmother's cooking.

    That would be similar to your pine fragrance - you are such a mountain-girl at heart!

    I looked under oil-blends for emotions - they have about 16 different kinds. And I'm glad they list each oil that is used in the blends. One I looked up more information on is called 'Inner Child', and another 'Sara Blend'. It would be good for you to study each one there.

    This is all new to me - I have different oils at home - and my husband and I like them for their fragrances. So, I'm exploring a new area too - using them for therapy.

    Something bemusing, and amusing. As I was studying this site I came to info. using the oils for reflexology. Then they said there was a technique more effective, and older, called 'Vita-Flex Technique'. I started reading about it, and they said it originated in Tibet!

    I just started looking through a book I have called 'Healing Anxiety with Herbs', written by a Psychiatrist. I found a chapter on essential oils for anxiety. Hooray!

    Going to check it out, and also read more on the Young Living Site. This is a help to me too, because I have such high anxiety levels.

    I've been doing well working with those infant memories/feelings. For 20 something years I could never feel anything when I talked about it to therapists. Not one feeling at all! This has always surprised me, but I guess that I was not ready to deal with it. I could never write about it before either, before now.

    I'm working with my therapist on getting those images/terror feelings out of my body. I agree with my therapist that my unconscious is telling me it's time to work on this area of my life. I believe that basically our unconscious minds are healer/truthtellers.

    Spring - you are a brave, wonderful woman! Try and at least give yourself the comfort of knowledge and truth about your depressive illness.

    Going to research more.
    Blessings to you and your family!
    Love, Judy
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    I am so happy you feel more free to recognize those repressed emotions;
    How much you have gone through and so have others, and yet we are
    All here, making efforts to adapt, cope, endure, and heal. It must mean
    This human spirit is stronger than we think..and that surely there is a
    Purpose for it all.

    When you said ‘mountain girl’..it made me smile. You hit the nail
    On the head…I only have to think of a mountain or hillside with
    Breezes blowing, and grassy scents, than my soul lifts. I LOVE
    My Pine oil.

    Yes, I will look up the site you gave..Inner Child sounds like
    Something I ought to explore. I have a strong feeling that buried
    Feelings of fear, anxiety stop me from being fully in the present and
    Trusting life. This is why even when I try not to think about
    Worries in the daytime, it comes out in the form of dreams at

    Thank you for looking up and find those sites.


    I did see lavender oil and think I will get one next month.
    I dont know what melatonin combo and MSM are, there
    Are so many things which I don’t know but I do think
    You have been very smart about caring for your health
    So far. Pro active I think is the word. I was so pleased
    To see you on the Alternative Board, indeed I was
    Happy to see the Alternative Board. Although I didn’t
    Know what that slight ruckus was about..about PH ‘selling
    Out’ or whatever…beats me how people can come to
    The conclusions they do,,,anyway, that whole thread has
    Been deleted I see.

    God Bless You both
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    Jam - i use the lavender oil also on my pillows and bedding. I don't really have a sleep problem now, but I did at one point and it was horrible. I'm so glad that you are able to sleep well now! I am going to look for a recipe for diluting lavender into a spray for sheets. With water? For a lighter fragrance.

    Spring- I read in my book that there is a hospital in England that uses lavender for its patients, to reduce stress and anxiety, and induce sleep.

    Other oils for nervous tension and anxiety are neroli, chamomile, bergamot, sweet marjoram, ylang-ylang. Can be used alone or in combination for stress relief.

    If you use them for massage - it's best to dilute them with a carrier oil such as almond oil. Because they can be strong on the skin.

    Spring - have you ever tried St. John's Wort for depression? It is supposed to be very effective, and I was wondering if your New Age store might carry it?

    I also agree with what you said about dreams - your unconscious is telling you, or trying to work out feelings, life situations, sorrows, losses; and it's more helpful to find a way, a technique, a skill to work with those things that are buried.

    I dream a lot too, my dreams used to be so terrifying that they would shake me up for days! And I had these disturbing dreams so often.

    I started writing down my dreams many years ago, and recognize patterns, and what many of the symbols and themes are in my dreams. I'm just looking in a key book for me called 'Inner Work:Using Dreams & Active Imagination for Personal Growth.' by Robert A. Johnson.

    I'm going to look through the book again, to trace back how I learned the process of working with my dreams. I received guidance from other sources as well.

    I think it's very wise of you to seek different ways to lessen emotional burdens. I admire your persistence.

    Sending healing thoughts to you both,
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    I went to those sites..and am going to look if i can procure the Inner Child oil, or if my local
    place can make them..

    I have been using lavendar essential oil...sniffing it..and it does help relieve the fatigue a bit..
    well, i did do a lot of walking and outside chores yesterday and didnt collapse when i got home,
    i felt tired but not exhausted. Which is a change.

    From yesterday i have been using the lavendar massage oil which i also got. Lets see if it
    helps my shoulder joints a bit....and my knee...I know something is giving way there. it creaks so when i go downhill or down the stairs. I know i have to show a proper doc too but so scared they will tell me to operate or something...however i know i will go one of these days.

    I did use St Johns Worts many years back, a cousin brought a bottle back for me from America, because it wasnt available here, but it had no effect on me...it says for mild to moderate
    depression..and mine is severe...and pretty disabling when i get a strong attack...as it is its already affected my social life in that i can never throw parties or dinner. Too afraid i will
    be too exhausted and worse, too depressed to talk.

    Prozac worked wonders for a couple of months and then wore off and i was back to square one. Tried some other meds to which i reacted strongly, racing heart, nausea, extreme anxiety
    ..scared the heck out of me..and so i have been coping with alternative ways like breathing,
    meditiation...which has prevented me from spiralling downwards to total nonfunctionality. Im
    lucky I didnt get 'psychosis' like my mom and grandma from whom i seem to have inherited this
    disorder...they lost touch of reality from time to time. Especially when i was born, mom got
    psychotic after delivering me, Im told, tho she recovered and my earliest memories of her are
    warm happy safe ones.:)

    I think i too shall keep a dream journal..ive already written down some of my more vivid dreams.

    I have diaries from the beginning of my marriage..till i think 10 years later...but they are filled
    with angst....i was suffering at my in laws place, and except for a few entries when my kids were born, most are vents and how i wanted to get out of that place, or how i wanted to die
    rather than go on....unpleasant stuff as my daughter who once glimpsed into my diary and exclaimed "Mum, what a depressing diary". But we were at our own house here and we could both smile at it.

    I kept a diary from grade 10 onwards, inspired by a classmate who showed me hers...and her diary was mostly entries about her crush and where she spotted him, mostly in school corridors, and during meal time queues..lol! so i also copied her and wrote about my own crush..I had the mother of all crushes on one chap..and al my consequent diaries were filled with feverish rantings...which lasted til many years later. When my marriage was fixed, I burnt all those
    former diaries..i was beginnng a new life.

    Well, i had better turn to and face the days chores...

    take care

    God Bless

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    Going through a very difficult week - emotional pain of some kind. I'll be back when I feel better.
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    Praying for you

    God Bless