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  1. springwater

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    Have been praying for you and your dear dh and all the people in
    path of hurricane to be safe. may a cloak of divine and loving
    protection be around you at all times.

    im sure you will be safe if precautions have been taken. do your
    breathing and listen to soothing music if you can. i can empathise
    with how you are feeling.

    God Bless

  2. windblade

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    Thank you so much for your prayers!

    It's now Sunday - early afternoon. And the main storm is over, thank God!

    We are fine - no major flooding - sun in and out. A few people walking their dogs, kids riding bikes.

    Will have much lighter winds on and off - nothing like predicted.

    The rains were so ominous yesterday and last night - but had no terrible winds.

    I watched something so cheerful on video in New York City - Times Square. Guys out playing soccer in the streets. Made me laugh. And the subways there didn't flood.

    I've never seen New York City completely empty before like yesterday. So happy the damage was not like predicted.

    Thank you again for prayers! So wonderful how storm weakened - and everyone was prepared and evacuated by coasts.

    Whewww - going to eat and rest.

    Love, Judy