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  1. springwater

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    Just saw your posts here and wanted to say happy to at last hear

    from you. I thought you must have been wanting some time on your


    been thinking of and praying often.

    God Bless
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    It's so good to hear from you, and to know about your prayers. I keep you in my prayers as well, along with everyone else here.

    I've been struggling with two things for many months. The almost constant triggering off of PTSD reactions, since my father died this past November.

    And gastro-intestinal illnesses - gastritis, colitis and GERD. I've been pouring every bit of energy into just getting through these things. Was so thankful I had the strength to get to my Dr. last month, and have many herbs, anti-fungals, oil rubs, special foods, etc. to work with, as well as the usual tests. He's a very good traditional and alternative Dr. I feel very fortunate to be in his care.

    It has been hard to get through it all. My Doc says the GI problems' root cause is stress and mold. I think this goes all the way back to the flooding in our house last August. That was also when I heard about my father's last illness, so the stress has been enormous. I also didn't understand about Complicated Grief, the bouts of Depression have been so severe.

    Now, one of my closest friends, as close as a brother for 40 years, is in the last stage of his illness, with hospice to care for him now. He has been like a Phoenix for so many years, surviving again and again. We have helped each other all these years, as living in the world of PTSD is so different. He could understand right away my reality, and vice versa.

    So struggling anew with the grief and stress that trigger the physical illness, trying to keep some nourishment in. And heal my body.

    Still searching out beauty everyday. This Spring has been so vivid in it's slowly unfolding of sweet green tree buds, forsythia, a purple carpet of periwinkled underneath the blazing yellow. Pink and white Cherry blossoms, and now creamy Magnolia flowers. All this with some startling beautiful saturated blue skies - so strong in color that everything just glows against them.

    And I find also that in all my experiences, my trust in God grows stronger and deeper, and is entwined and enriching every relationship that I'm involved in. Thank God for that! New spiritual doors appear, to explore if I dare, if I can summon the courage. And I am ever-strengthened by those spiritual explorers who have gone before me.

    It is just lovely to find your post here! And to see that you haven't forgotten me. We've lived through so many years of sharing experiences!

    I've missed out on the doings of The Porch for the first time, have popped in now and again.

    Praying for you to be given strong hope in your heart of hearts.

    Love, Judy
  3. springwater

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    How could i have ever forgotten you?

    You and Rain and others on the board remind me of the goodness and
    beauty of character in humans; of the steadfastness of trust and
    belief in good in the face of all odds.

    It gets a bit tiring and discouraging sometimes when one deals with
    everyday life and the idiosyncracies of people around us, no doubt I
    myself am a source of irritation to some with my shortcomings, but
    my faith in good is reiterated when I think of you, so valiant and
    tenacious in your determination to see good in everything.

    How i wish for a magic wand to wave and dispel all the hurts and
    challenges that rear their heads; you have been going through so
    much but my prayers are there for you constantly and i have such
    faith that neither they nor those of anyone are in vain. Their energy
    is going out and manifesting into good things sometime somehow.

    Please keep up with all the treatments you are giving yourself, it
    is so important to be kind and tender with oneself. and diligent in
    combating any symptom that crops up.

    It is my own private opinion that the forces of bad do try to range
    themselves against the good and bring them down.But equally i feel
    the angels answer when we call out for help and protection. And that
    the Divine is there watching over us.

    While I still feel fearful and apart from the rest when i look at my
    circumstances, (everyone has their own demons to fight; not all of
    which everyone can share with others or expect understanding of);
    I am so much more prepared to face the day to day things now.

    I meditate when i can, and have stopped eating meat, yay! its been
    a month and several days. I cant tell you how happy i am because
    i have always envied vegetarians esp those who stopped because of
    not wanting to hurt animals, and it fills me with joy every extra day i
    am able to abstain. My daughter joked and said she is going to stop
    eating junk food, because if I of all people can stop eating meat, anything
    is possible!

    The monks at the monastery and also in my Pranic healing say
    to stop eating meat is one way of balancing past karma wherein we
    may have caused others great suffering. so thats an added bonus, for
    me. I feel i must have caused great suffering in my past lives and it is
    a relief for me to know i may be doing something to redress that!

    Also these days i make time to lie down and spend some time only breathing in and breathing out and visualizing my past/present hurts and anger being
    expelled thru my outbreath. and calm/joy/peace entering with my inbreath.

    i keep a crystal quartz on my solar plexus and visualise it absorbing negativity
    (this is part of my pranic healing also) and it helps so much.

    Yes, i still am struggling with bouts of fatigue and innate crisis - es of confidence but knowing i hav things to help me thru do so much.

    some of us have been given things to deal with which seem overwhelming,
    because we see no end to it, (and we see others with none of our kind of
    challenges) but every battle fought, every day we find ourselves still
    afloat and alive and kicking is a testiment to our strength and hopes of
    a future where all is well, and we too can have our share of peace and

    Take care

    God Bless