JUICING need some info,.. Iam going to give it a try......

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  1. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    I found a juicer at costco that is Jack Lalanne brand and I thought the $99.00 price seemed fair ( even though I really cannot even afford that!).....and also I have been doing a lot of research online in regards to juicing....

    Iam going to give it a try...from what I have read you do not have to STOP eating whole foods....you can simply add the juicing to your diet but it says that we should wait for 60 to 90 minutes after drinking to allow it to digest...and do its job without interference......

    Also from what I gather it is best to use organic fruits and vegetables with pesticides and chemicals ( wax etc )....I was wondering where those of you who juice buy your organic foods...

    I shop at vons mostly and they do have some organic foods but perhaps I could find somewhere where they have more of a selection?

    "Ok" one more thing....any of you who have been juicing have you noticed any weight differences?...I really need to lose a few pounds and wonder if juicing will loosen things up and help me to eliminate some weight?

    any tips and advice ????thanks so much to any of you who can help me out here:)


  2. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    hi doxy!

    i think the best juicer for health is the omega but its expensive. the jack lalanne one sounds ok; i've seen it on tv.

    when i used to juice (too tired now), i did not use organic foods because they were too expensive. i am not sure if organic is better. i used to juice mostly vegetables.

    when i bought spinach, i washed it first with a vegetable washing soap to minimize the liklihood of e.coli.

    if you are juicing beats, which are very good for you, juice only a small piece for every drink because beats are supposedly very strong.

    it is better not to mix vegetables and fruit in the same drink. also, they say you should ideally drink the juice within 5 minutes of juicing it, and sip it slowly.

    i think you only need like 4 ounces of juice a day, preferably in the AM.

    good luck!
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  3. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    I was also wondering where we might be able to find powder boosts to add to the juices....like when you go to jamba juice or juice it up they have a number of additional supplemental powdered additives you cna choose from to add into your fresh drink....for example they have an energy booster....or lets say a immunce boost?

    I have looked online at GNC but cannot find anything like that....I know if juice shops have it we can use it too....problem is finding it?

    Thanks for your post Sue :)

  4. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    This should definitely help! I'm with ladybugmandy. Make sure you use lots of green like lettuce (the more colorful, the better NO iceberg), kale, swiss chard, etc. You can have a whole lot of leafy lettuce in there, it doesn't put out much juice. And, yes, don't get in the habit of just making some yummy "fruit punch" with lots of carrots and apples - you want green stuff, mostly. If it tastes too good, then you don't have enough of the good stuff! This is medicine, not something to be enjoyed. At least not at first - after awhile you get used to it and your body recognizes that it's getting something good so it will let you slide on making it taste so bad after awhile.

    If you start to feel bad from it, try to distinguish between two different bad feelings:

    one is detox symptoms you may get as your body starts cleaning out. This is overall bad feeling, flu-like maybe, headaches. Then there's the bad feeling from not being able to digest the cellulose which you are going to get a lot of from a centrifugal juicer like Jack LaLane's. This will be more like a heavy feeling a little while after you drink it. Detox should happen much later on. A couple of things you can do about the digestion, try taking a digestive enzyme with cellulase - this digests cellulose fiber.

    Fiber is good for some, bad for others. If you have any imbalance of the flora in your bowels (and it's a good bet most of us do) they could start fermenting it and produce harmful gases and toxins. Only animals like cows and horses and other plant eaters can normally digest cellulose, we can't. It's not an enzyme our pancreas is able to make.

    If you think you're still having a difficult time with it, try a masticating juicer. The juice you get is much more pulp free. Its juice is comparable to drinking let's say cranberry juice versus a centrifugal juicer's juice (even with a screen with tiny holes) which puts out pulpy juice which is more like porridge or the pulpiest, thickest orange juice you can find. Many of the nutrients will be locked away in the cellulose and they will be lost. You are really much better off with this juicer. You can always mix in a bit of the "fiber waste" with the juice or put it in soup if you think you need the fiber and IF you don't have leaky gut issues. The nutrients are just more accessible.

    This is what is in my 2 pints of juice for today. As you can imagine, I'm going through tons of veggies. Organic would be nice, but it will be very expensive, as you'll soon see. And try to rotate stuff around, use different veggies remembering the more colorful the veggie, the more it contains the stuff we're after.
    Do not waste your time with iceberg lettuce.

    2 big cucumbers
    2 apples
    2 carrots - the ones I get are insanely huge, more like a really big cucumber
    1 really big bunch of leafy lettuce
    2 zucchinis
    2 small bunches of spinach or swiss chard
    juice of one lime or lemon

    The lime juice can make all the difference between making a face when you drink it and not making a face. And you pretty much have to make it fresh to keep the enzymes intact. You can tell by the taste that it's "dead" even just after a few hours. twinofdar's right, even frozen would be better than none, though.

    If you want to add powders to the juice, make sure you don't include any type of soy, whey or protein powders like that. They won't be able to digest properly. And sip the juice slowly, don't just chug it down. It's loaded with minerals and you can overalkalize too fast and possibly end up acidic in the end as your body overcompensates. I've noticed and so has my friend, that I get very sleepy from drinking it sometimes. She thinks it's the lettuce. I'm not quite sure what's causing it. When you start juicing tons of veggies, you will even start getting a good amount of protein from them. If you can do enough veggies, you shouldn't have to worry about using an boosters to it.

    Start with just a small glass or so the first day and be on the lookout for digestive discomfort (heaviness) or detox symptoms and go from there.

    good luck

  5. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    Hi empty2void

    Here's some of my experience with flax seeds. I'm assuming you're grinding them up, otherwise they just pass right through you without giving you the nutrition from them like the omega 3 oils. You probably know that already, though.

    I was using a flax seed meal at night to combat hypoglycemia for a long time until I realized my nighttime hypoglycemia was caused by yeast. Then I just used raw garlic to get rid of it. But the meal I used every night I think was partly responsible for hindering my thyroid hormone production. When I got it tested, I was down to almost nothing in T3 and T4 and high in TSH because I was taking an iodine supplement. I finally figured out that unsaturated oils can hinder thyroid hormone excretion. And I was using a lot of them, including lots of flax. So if you use a lot of flax, just make sure you get your thyroid levels checked at some point. Flax is high in Omega 3 but you need some 6, too.

    I'm not using flax anything right now, just some krill oil pills and eating a lot of raw nuts, including hemp seeds. I've been using armour thyroid and need to get my levels checked again, soon.

    I know lots of people who swear by flax but it's just not high on my list of stuff to take. Probably because I eat tons of raw nuts and seeds anyway, so aiming for flax just doesn't seem important to me. I think it's good stuff, though. Sometimes I make veggie crackers out of it with my dehydrator. I know they are mentioned and recommended in most of the stuff I read about our particular problems.

    best wishes

  6. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    I think juicing is really good for both my husband and me.

    We have the one sold on ProHealth. I found it to be much better than juicers I'd used in the past.

    I try to buy my veggies from Whole Foods, but they're expensive. There's also not a Whole Foods located near where we're staying now.

    I've come to the conclusion that while organic is important, it's better to juice with whatever's available than not to juice at all.

    Also, I think that any fruits or vegetables juiced is better than not juicing. I agree that the nutrients in green veggies help, but I think the enzymes in any fresh juice are what's really key.

    My standard juice includes a combination of the following: carrots, celery, spinach, maybe a beet (quite detoxifying and sweet though), maybe some granny smith apples, a bit of fresh herbs (usually parsley or cilantro) if available, sometimes bell peppers. Sometimes fennel, though my husband doesn't much like the licorice taste.

    Occasionally I'll just do granny smith apples, which have very little sugar in them. Regular apples have too much sugar, but this kind seems okay for juice.

    Hard plums make lovely juice, if you want a treat. I don't see why you can't have some yummy juice in addition to the health-driven stuff.

    Canteloupe and watermelon make great juice. Again, the hard out-of-season fruits work well for this.

    Pineapple is a splurge, but it makes great juice for a treat. That's supposed to have great digestive enzymes in it, so it's not _just_ like having candy.

    I believe that, like me, you're recovering from mold problems. There's a book called "Mold: The War Within" written by some survivors from Hurricane Katrina.

    They talk about juicing as being an important part of their recovery, which is why I decided to buy a new juicer. (The old one is back at my house. Eventually I will reclaim it.)

    They talk about other interesting treatments too, if you feel up to reading anything.
  7. pw7575

    pw7575 New Member

    Hi Doxy,

    I have just recently started juicing myself and also invested in the Omega juicer. People had some very good input here about juicing. I will just throw my two cents in.

    Start slow. I didn't know to start slow and started with probably 10 ounces or more the first couple times. I got a strong detox reaction right after drinking it. I felt just lousy, nauseous, and had a bad headache. I learned that when first starting out you should try 2-3 ounces at first and see how it goes. Then build up from there. I think people suggest eventually doing 16 ounces twice a day.

    Also swish the first sip or two around in your mouth before swallowing as this is also supposed to help it settle more easily.

    Organic fruits and veggies are best when possible. If you can't do organic just be sure to wash them well and peel ones that you can peel to remove pesticides etc.

    Don't juice too many fruits or carrots as they are high in sugars and you don't want your blood sugar going too high.

    Hope this goes well for you!!! Keep us posted.

    Take Care,
  8. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    I should add that recently the juicing has been feeling very detoxifying for me.

    It's been making me very very sleepy and rather stiff.

    This has been a surprise, since it never had that effect before unless I used beets.

    This time I've just been using carrots, celery, bell peppers, spinach, and zucchini/squash.

    I'm thinking that the difference is that I'm now using a number of different means of detoxification that are stirring up toxins buried deep within my body.

    Perhaps the juice is just taking off the "top layer."

    In any case, this sleepy feeling seems to be good for me at this point. I'm going to have to ease off if I need to do anything though.
  9. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    Look at this pic of how much goes into 3 pints of juice. This is only enough for 1 1/2 days of juice for me. You can imagine how many sacks of veggies I'm going through in a week. It's great to get all the nutrients from all these different things without having to eat them.

    The stuff on the tray is quartered zucchini and cucumbers, carrots and strawberries. Then we have swiss chard, lettuce and celery. I rotate stuff around a lot, this was just this particular week. It always changes slightly. I like to put an apple, malic acid is supposed to be very important for our diseases, not just for pain but for reducing lactic acid buildup in the body which causes mucho discomfort.

    best wishes

  10. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    That's a good picture, Karen. Like an ad for juicing.

    Do you put the strawberries in your vegetable juice though? I'd be more inclined to do a straight apple juice (granny smith) with strawberries added.

    Another good juice is fresh tomatoes. I was never a fan of bottled tomato juice and like fresh tomatoes only when they're in season. The juice from hard winter tomatoes is great though.

    Be aware that hard fruit is much better for juicing than the soft kind. If your apples aren't really crisp, you will not get much juice out of them....they'll turn to mush. Same thing with things like tomatoes or plums. The harder, the better.

    A bonus to juicing for me is that I can put a lot of salt in it without it tasting bad. The potassium in the vegetables seems to balance out the salt. Not everyone needs salt, but a lot of CFS'ers do because of low blood pressure problems.

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  11. jojosjolly

    jojosjolly New Member

    I found this interesting guide to buying healthy vegetables.

    It tells you about the pesticide load of non organic fruits and vegetables. This helps everyone who has to watch his $$ and is not able or willing to pay for the sustainability aspect of organic farming.

    Check out this link:


    Take it Easy,
  12. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    I think juicing is a great way to increase our healing. Here are my thoughts:

    Juicing greens is best but does no good if you can't stomach it. So juicing vegetables is great and then a treat of fruits is nice too. We don't get much pleasure in life and a cantaloupe, pineapple, and mango is heavenly.

    We juice carrots, apples but we have added beets, celery, daikon radish which gives a nice peppery zing to juice.

    The key to juicing is no pulp or food in stomach to start the digestive enzymes flowing. So we strain our juice several times. This gives you the beneficial enzymes from stomach to bloodstream. You have to drink it right after juicing (no freezing or refrigerator storage) since the centrifigal method begins the oxidation process on juice. It loses it expontential so within 2 hours, it's dead.

    The masticating juicers give almost no pulp but the centrifugal kind (the Jack Lalaine, which is what we use) do put out pulp therefore strain it (you can use cheesecloth inside a strainer).

    We do not juice organic as we cannot afford it. We buy our vegetables at the produce market downtown. We buy the huge juicing carrots by the 50 pound bag ($12.50 US) and 1/2 a box of apples ($15.50) for 32 apples (huge).

    So we juice 8 of these large carrots and 1 apple and get about 3 cups of juice. My son and I share this for breakfast.

    We are trying to juice enough to get 3 cups of juice a day. I have done the frugal thing 4-6 oz per day and did not see any benefit at all, felt like a waste of money. Also, the small thin carrots that you buy at the store are a waste also, because once you peel them, there is very little left! In this case, organic would be cheaper.

    We see more benefit at higher amounts of juice.

    Re: pesticides, here is my thoughts. Certain vegetables have to be organic as the fruit/vegetable absorbs pesticides into the cells. Celery and strawberries fit this idea. Everything else is pesticides on outside so what we do is SCRUB well, then peel, then juice. I used to use those chemicals to remove pesticide residue but I felt they were just as bad as the pesticides.

    I get a reaction to pesticides (tingling around lips) and I have never gotten this from juicing.

    Last thought- my cousin works in a produce plant in South Texas and when a truck pulls in with organic, they use the same chutes, packing equipment that the non-organic farmers use so once it leaves the organic farmer's truck, it really shouldn't be labeled organic anymore. It would have less exposure to pesticides than non-organic but could pick up pesticide residue all along the route that it takes to get processed and taken to store. Also, if money will keep you from juicing, then juice non organic, scrub and peel.

    I do not add any protein powders as I am wanting the "stomach to bloodstream" benefits and I am under the impression that the protein particles are large enough to begin the digestion process. The idea of juicing is getting nutrients and enzymes into the body BYPASSING the faulty digestion.

    Hope this helps. Good to see you back,

  13. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    i also have been doing some Juicing & also some liquid meal supplements to replace a couple meals a day. i found this powder that my Compounding Pharmacist uses. it's called spectra purple & has a ton of stuff from all the purple & red fruits & veggies. it even has Gogi berry, acai & mangosteen, which are expensive. there is a website u can go to to buy it, i get it from the Pharmacy. i dont know if im allowed to put the web site on here , so if i can just let me know & i'll give it to ya. i have been juicing & meal replacing for only a week, and i have noticed maybe some more energy. Dont know yet about the weight loss. Don't have a scale & wont go to Doc for a few more weeks, hopefully it will help with the weight loss too!! seems like im not as hungry.Hope your doing better, {{Hugs}} Kat

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